Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The BEST Hans Landa headsculpt (sorry Hot Toys)!!!

Being a huge Tarantino fan, I snagged myself Hot Toys' Lt Aldo Raine 1/6 figure sometime back with the hope that Col Hans Landa would be as equally good to go alongside The Apache himself. However, Hot Toys did the unthinkable and gave fans a rather 'youthful' looking Hans Landa and a pretty inaccurate headsculpt at that too! Sorry HT, looks like there's a constant thorn in your flesh as DID's obviously catching up with ya'! Don't believe me? Read on.


Friday, January 14, 2011

First look at Garfield as 'Spidey'...

Sony recently teased us fanboys by giving us the first image of actor Andrew Garfield in the new Spidey suit. Spiderman is set to hit the big-screen on July 3rd, 2012. Looks like Garfield's doing a good job....I'm convinced that he'd be able to pull the whole thing off! I really dig the suit...kinda like what Alex Ross would've done in his artwork. My only gripe is them scales! What's with Marvel Studios putting 'scales' on a spider suit? It was there during Tobey's time and now evidently it's also there on Garfield's suit as well. Why can't they just opt for the classic simplistic comic design eh? No matter, a small complaint won't make me shy away from watching the movie now would it?

Before I sign off, here's a recent picture of Chris Evans as Capt America. The movie comes out on July 22nd this year, so be sure to catch that one. The whole fate of the Avengers movie depends on it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Autobot Jazz is in the house! G1 toys rocks!!!


Wow, it's good to be back after such a lengthy absence. I never thought that the past month would ultimately restrict my time to update this humble blog. Even my other resident reviewer was tied up with his work as well, so there you go.....bogged down by work *sigh*. Imagine that. Well, I promise myself that I'm gonna slowly catch up with my postings and blab about the stuffs I love the most (yeah, mostly it'll involve those darn plastic dolls we call 'action-figure') and I'm sure my resident reviewer will be back to his usual geeky best real soon too. Lotsa stuffs have been acquired so bear with us as we slowly re-gather our momentum to do what we do best...heheh.

Anyway, to kickstart my new year (yeah, I'm aware that we're already 8 days into 2011 already!), here's my take on the latest offering from Hasbro, from the Transformers Universe line, Autobot Jazz!