Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

King Grayskull....according to my 'canon'!

King Grayskull on Throne

If you're a Masters of The Universe (MOTU) classics fan, then chances are you'd probably heard or seen/bought the King Grayskull figure through matty's website some years back. He technically appeared in the 2002 MOTU reboot cartoon series therefore he was never really endeared by the MOTU Filmation faithful. Of course, if you've been paying attention to the endless bios that matty/toyguru has been creating with each of the monthly figures release, then you will realise that they have found a way to somehow integrate these non-Filmation/80s characters into the main story line. The King here was somehow mentioned as the modern He-Man's ancestor when in actual fact his design was just an early sketch of He-Man. Whatever.

Although he was such an integral part of the He-Man folklore and that his wife was the legendary first Sorceress of Grayskull (or at least that's what Toyguru wants us to believe), in my canon I'd prefer to imagine him as the 'reluctant' king who led a very easy-going life. In my books, he was a laid-back throne-warmer who lets his days pass by sitting around in his throne drinking way too much. He just sounded and looked better that way.

King Grayskull on Throne

King Grayskull on Throne

King Grayskull on Throne

Monday, May 26, 2014

Godzilla '14 is truly a class act!

Well, I finally caught the movie today with my wife and son. Funny that we watched the new X-Men movie on the first day itself but we somehow waited this long to catch ol' Zilla. For the record, I still don't get how many reviewers dissed the new 'G14' movie as being lame or not being up to standard etc. They may have some issues with the actors but I think overall the movie kicked a**! It was definitely miles better than Roland Emmerich's unfortunate 1998 release and it was a great throwback to the original '54 Japanese movie of the same name. Call it whatever name you wish....gojira, godzira, godzilla (it was a permutation of the words 'gorilla' and 'whale' in Japanese anyway!), the iconic reptilian monster is captured brilliantly in this 2014 offering and it would be ridiculous not to watch this in the cinemas!

I loved it how the humans are seen to be 'assisting' Godzilla to track down the MUTOs and how the fight scenes were coordinated. At times, I swear I somehow had expected Ultraman to pop out and assist the monster king in his fights against them MUTOs. When I thought Pacific Rim was an 'ok' monster movie, G14 really blew it out of the park! I am so looking forward to the blu-ray!

Over on the geeky action figure scene, Bandai had produced some cool Godzilla toys in several scales in conjunction with the new movie. I've seen some 'chibi' scale figures and the 3.75"-esque Godzilla & MUTO figures that came with the collapsible 'city' as accessories. They also made a couple of 7" figures (the Smash Strike and the Tail Strike) and also the huge one with the blue-ish atomic breath effects. My son loved the movie so much that he made me buy the Smash Strike 'Zilla for him right after the movie! I figured, with some discount vouchers thrown in...what the hey!

Instant Gojira fan... #moviebuff #ilhanology

NECA had also given us the 6" (measures 12" from head to tail) Godzilla figure which should be selling everywhere at the point of writing this. But I'm really looking forward to the 12" version (which actually measures 24" from head to tail!). So far we've only seen the proto figure (pictured below as per taken from Toyark) from various toyfairs but it looks substantially better than the 6" version. I've never owned a Godzilla toy before and this might be the one I'd finally be getting for my pop-culture shelf. I better clear out some space for this behemoth!

A New Hope!

Luke & Han stormtrooper disguise

My son made these simple custom Luke & Han in stormtrooper disguise. He loves Episode IV....just like his ol' dad. It would be such a shame if I don't borrow these and do a quick snapshot of them in action up in my Death Star 'hallway'. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Becareful Kane!!!

Becareful Kane!!!!! #geekology #geekshavethemostfun #aliens #nostromo #actionfigure

"Becareful Kane!!!"

Borrowed these 2 astronauts from my son's Playmobil collection. These were from the Collection #5 of the 'blind-bag' series. I immediately had this idea the moment I laid my eyes on them. I think it turned out pretty cool!

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Simpsons LEGO minifigures!

The Simpsons Lego minifigures... #geekshavethemostfun #newpoison

Lemme tell you this, these Simpsons LEGO minifigure collection is one of my most anticipated toy of recent times. I knew I just had to get my paws on the complete set of minifigures when they hit my neck of the woods. Come on man, we're talking about The Simpsons here! Stumbled across these at a well-known toy retail store while making my toy rounds with my wife and son the other day. Boy we had fun squeezing every and each of the blind bag packaging trying to guess which characters they hold inside (ok so we had some help from the store assistant too...so that saved a lot of time for us). 

Took us a bit of a time to get Maggie. Word is that only two (2) of her are available per case of 60 blind bags. God bless the store assistant who was ever so helpful in cracking out another fresh case for us to rummage through to find the youngest member of the Simpsons family. I must say, I agree with a buddy of mine when he said that it was tough to tell Millhouse and Ralph apart since they both had the same shape of accessory and both had similar head sculpts....well, almost.

All together now....'da-da da da-da da-da da da-da-da da...' #geekshavethemostfun #actionfigurephotography #thesimpsons #lego

I can't express myself enough when I say that I absolutely LOVE these minifigures! I love The Simpsons and I didn't get the chance to collect the Playmates Toys action figures so I guess these Lego minifigs are the next best alternative to it! The head sculpts on these Lego minifigs are excellent, mostly staying true to how the characters looked on-screen. You get most of the core characters in this collection i.e. the whole 'core' Simpsons family line-up inclusive of Abe and a slew of other familiar characters off the series eg. Mr Burns, Apu, Krusty the Clown and the lot. I sincerely hope that there's gonna be a 'Series/Wave 2' for this. We still need many more core characters like Moe (can't believe we didn't get him in the 1st wave!), Barney, Smithers, Selma & Patty, Skinner, Lenny & Carl, Comic Book Guy and many others.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and find these little gem of minifigures right away coz they're gonna be hard to track down once them scalpers beat you to it.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day 2014. May the Fourth Be With You!!!

Happy Star Wars Day 2014. May the Fourth Be With You!!! #starwarsday #starwarsdaymy #starwars #geekshavethemostfun #ilhanology

So want this for my sixth scale shelf!

Sideshow Collectible Sixth Scale R2-D2 Deluxe preview

It's official. Artoo's coming our way this December '14....which can't come soon enough IMHO! Both dome-head and golden-rod together with ol' Chewie were always high on my top priority list since I started collecting Sideshow's sixth scale Star Wars collection. One thing I can't fathom is the price tag slapped on this astromech droid. USD149 is kinda high for 'half' a figure I reckon? Sideshow's probably justifying that with all the electronics and gadgetry they put in this Artoo unit. Nevertheless, I'm gonna pre-order this the next time I visit my regular toy-pusher real soon. Been too long Artoo!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Free Comic Book Day everyone!

Happy Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)!!! Thank u Kinokuniya   for the free comic & Star Wars Rebels poster... #geekshavethemostfun #freecomicbookday

Happy Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)!!! Thank u Kinokuniya   for the free comic & Star Wars Rebels poster...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Farewell dear ol' geek buddy friend....

This month was supposed to mark my return to the blogging sphere. A joyous and momentous occasion to say the least or so I thought. I was really looking forward to review some of the stuff I've bought in recent times but today, it is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a fellow geek collector, Rebel Crew member and a great friend of mine, Sofri or Uncle Sob as he's fondly known among his close acquaintances. We will miss you ol' buddy. You were always a great friend first before anything else. My family and I would like to thank you for sticking by us during the thick and thin. You were always there when we needed a helping hand. Even when you were wrongly accused of things, you'd still carve out a smile and said..."Ah biarlah (Just let it be)...". Take care geek buddy/uptown buddy/dear pal...we will all have our big reunion one day on the other side. It was an honour to be your friend dear Uncle Sob.

As a final tribute to you by the Rebel Page crew members, here's that old video you did for iProperty some time back....stay cheerful and geeky always up there buddy!