Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toy sightings: LEGO Jabba's Palace.....look at the price!!!

LEGO Jabba's Palace.....look at the price!!!

Came ascross this at TRU yesterday. It's like RM800++ here in Malaysia....or about USD270++ for you folks payin' with Uncle Sam's bucks. Pure madness I tell ya', I'd love to get my hands on this one but at that price....I don't think so!

For goodness sake.....it's only USD 100+ in the States!!!!!!!! Thank you LEGO Malaysia...*sheesshhh*....

Star Wars goodness....I found Malgus in retail!!!!!!

further Star Wars goodness in Aug '12

Decided to follow my wife's instincts the other day and visited a nearby retail store for a stroll with the family. What luck, as we passed the toy section the retail assistant had just re-stocked the Star Wars aisle and I can't believe me eyes when I found Darth Malgus, Starkiller and Shae Vizla just sitting pretty waiting for me! Man, how hard  it is to find Malgus.....let alone through retail! This figure is like USD30 or something on amazon before shipping so that's telling you how rare he is.....but to tell you the truth I'm not really into these Expanded Universe characters too much. I just love anything packaged under the VOTC banner....LOL! Man they look sweet. On the other had, I found that Grand Moff Tarkin at 10% off at another retail store so go figure!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The un-boxing of Black Suit Spider-Man!

Spider-Man Black Suit (1/6 Hot Toys)

Here's a post I started way back during the final days of July '12 but never got around to actually finishing it. Was to lazy and totally forgotten about it until I saw the 'draft' icon next to this particular entry. Anyway, let's get on with this....

I wanted this figure the very moment Hot Toys announced they were releasing it all those months ago. A Black Suit Spidey that comes with that very moody Peter Parker/Tobey McGuire headsculpt.....pretty much what geeks want from an otherwise abysmal 3rd Raimi Spidey movie. I did want the red/blue Spidey 1/6 figure from Hot Toys but that one didn't come with a removable head thus rendering any dreams of popping on a Tobey headsculpt useless.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm back...with a little bit of plastic crack in hand...


My oh my.....it's been a good one and a half months since I last posted anything here. Been amassing some stuff during those 'sabbatical' period (and I still haven't picked up several more 'pre-order' items from my 'pushers' too). A lot has happened in the past 60 days or so....some were very welcoming indeed....and some were....shall we say, 'unpleasant' to say the least.....LOL. 'Neways, I hope to be back writing stuff for The Rebel Page. I've been out for so long I even forgot the exact url to type in the address bar (hey, didn't I save the address in my favourite list?!). 

haul Aug '12

So let's welcome the return of yours truly back into the blogging scene by taking a sneak peek into what have I amassed during the past 60 days:

- Masters of The Universe' Spikor, Horde Prime, Megator & Griffin
- Transformers Generations' Autobot Springer
- Matty Collector's Green Lion (Voltron) & Pidge
- DC Eaglemoss Red Tornado
- Hasbro 3.75" Movie Avenger Mark VII Iron Man, Hawkeye & Black Widow
- Star Wars VOTC Darth Vader (w/blue electric thingy!), A New Hope Darth Vader (w/killer articulations!) & The 'Lost Wave's Bespin Leia
- Marvel Universe's Beast