Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 to all...!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is SPARTA!!!

No...no...no!!!! Just when I thought of pulling the handbrake from collecting them 1/6 figures....Hot Toys had to announce this! An 'alternate' head which depicts Gerard Butler....err...I mean King Leonidas in his famous war-cry stance...shouting "This is SPARTA!!!" Wait a tick, wasn't this from the scene when he kicked that Persian messenger into the dark bottomless pit? So he technically WAS NOT in full Spartan battle-gear as pictured below then? Whatever it is, it's a nice touch from Hot Toys to give collectors the extra 'mean' headsculpt. Something which should have been done with the previous Wolverine figure IMHO!

Geeky nerd talk: Real-life Star Trek technologies!

Holy cow! Never would I guess that these screen-technologies have actually existed in real-life. For those who are familiar with the Star Trek franchise, then you must be familiar with the terms teleportation, cloaking (Klingons rule btw!) and android technologies. Check out these interesting articles for more info, you'd be amazed:




Having said these, I am very much a Star Wars fan by heart and a devout follower of ol' Uncle George's universe rather than Gene Roddenberry's franchise.....and I most CERTAINLY do not regard Han Solo as a b****.....LOL! Watch Fanboys for more geeky Star Wars vs. Star Trek fiasco!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all! 2010 awaits!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Road to World Cup 2010....Jabulani!

Strolling along a major shopping complex in KL today during lunch time (yup, I was on leave...who's not anyway during year end? heheh....) I came across some cool World Cup '10 products which carried the Jabulani (which loosely means 'bringing happiness to everyone' in Swahili...correct me if I'm wrong here!) theme. I felt that I needed to get at least something to kickstart my memorabilia collection so I immediately signalled my wife to make a quick stop at a nearby Adidas outlet. My son quickly made his way to the football section and picked up a Jabulani mini-football and began playing with it, so we decided that we'd go ahead and buy it for him. Interesting enough, he's already got his collection of mini-football going...and he's not even 2 years old yet! The making of a phenomenal genius in football...heheh....

Before this I've only read about the special edition Adidas World Cup '10 Special Edition jersey commemorative boxset from their advertisements. These cost a whopping RM499 (or approx USD140) each! Each comes with an original jersey (of an Adidas-sponsored team), a captain's armband (the best feature of this special edition set if you ask me!) and Adidas Malaysia is throwing in a free Jabulani mini-football as a free gift (the same like I've bought for my son). Having said that, despite it's exorbitant price tag, I feel that I'd probably get one (or two) if I have the benjamins for it....definitely. These will rise in price as people will always cherish World Cup-related products. Most importantly, it's a beautiful memorabilia for us footie fans.....so do check it out on Adidas' official website for more details.

Random picture moment #221209: Pac-man zone!

If you happen to be in KL, you might be able to catch a glimpse of a 'Ghostbuster-ish' road-sign, which depicts Pac-man's 'ghosts' in place of the 'no-waiting/parking' sign. At first I thought that this might be a random act of creative vandalism, but then again I remembered seeing this more than once in the city. Way to go Pac-man, you're making your presence known through out Kuala Lumpur!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Favourite Toys Of 2009

For the record I've never listed down my yearly favourite plastic acquisitions since my wife and I started collecting from way back in '99. It was fun reading through other fellow bloggers' favourite toys during December. It was not until my fellow buddy blogger Shaun extended the invitation to do so, did I start thinking that maybe I should list down my faves for 2009, just for kicks. Besides, it'll be fun to see and compare between each other's favourite plastic craze throughout the year. In the beginning of '09, I had this feeble resolution to concentrate more on the 1/6 line and to gradually reduce my obsession with the 6" and the 3.75" (ESPECIALLY the 3.75"s!!!) lines. Being the obvious Star Wars junkie, I had to pull the handbrake towards collecting the prequel/expanded universe action figures and concentrate on those original trilogy (OT) figures first....*sigh*.....wasn't meant to be. I got sidetracked further, I got into collecting those darn GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra 3.75"s action figures too!!! D**n you HASBRO!

Anyway, enough of my rantings. Without any further delay, let's get into my favourite list right away. Kindly note that I haven't bought enough 1/6 figures to flock them inside my list ( I wish I could but I can't for certain economic reasons), so bear with me while I present you my top ten 'memorabilias' for 2009, in ascending order of 'favouriteness' starting with no 10. This may get lenghty but bear with me....heheh:

10) Toy Story (Mattel)

Who doesn't like Toy Story? I mean, what's not to love about the story and its characters? My wife got us Woody, Jessie, Buzz and Emperor Zurg the moment she laid eyes on them. They may seem a bit costly at approx USD15 each, but they're definitely cheaper than Thinkway's versions. I'm hoping for more characters to be produced because the gang wouldn't be complete without Rex, Slinky, Mr Potatohead etc!

Woody & Jessie (aka Bazooka Jane!)
Buzz Lightyear & Emperor Zurg

9) AT-ST (Hasbro)

I almost kicked myself for missing out on the previous AT-ST released with the Endor pack a couple of years back. I thought I'd never see one ever again. I was proved wrong as Hasbro gave us Star Wars fanboys a new mould for the AT-ST. Yup, I was (and still am) pretty geeked out about this one! Here's to hoping that Hasbro will eventually release a new mould for the AT-AT next!!!


8) Watchmen (DC Direct)

I was already a fan of Alan Moore's masterpiece way before the movie plans were announced. So when I first read that DC Direct were to produce the movie-version characters in their 6" glories, the rest was history. Got 'em on preorder the very next day! These figures fit very well with my collection of JLA (Alex Ross) Justice series action figures. Although some might say that these might as well be considered as mere 'statues' for their serious lack of articulation, they nevertheless look very cool when displayed......and isn't that what matter most for us so-called 'adult' collectors? *shucks*.....heheh...


7) Darth Vader (Sideshow Collectibles)

Another no brainer here. I already have a busload of the earlier Star Wars 1/6 figures from Sideshow, so when the Dark Lord was offered on pre-order it was a natural choice that I had to get him too. He's such an imposing figure, both on screen and in toy form.....he stands at an astounding 14", a clear 2" taller than most 1/6 figures!!! Surprisingly, this figure was brought into the Malaysia in limited quantities and some collectors (who in fact preordered) did not get theirs.

vader 18

6) Soldier Story's WW2 82nd Ranger/DiD's 101st Airborne Medic

Well, I can't really decide between these two. I'm a sucka' for them WW2 figures and had watched Saving Private Ryan and the HBO's Band of Brothers endlessly till I got myself brainwashed into buying the 1/6 action figures should they ever get made...LOL! These represent among the best of the WW2 military figures released in '09.....the die-cast accessories made it well-worth the price tags alone.

medic 07

5) GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra 3.75" (Hasbro)

Argghhh....I really tried to resist the temptation...but alas succumbed into collecting the core characters from the movie. By saying that, I meant that I almost completely steered away from the 'non-screen-appearing' characters produced by Hasbro, save for a couple 'must-haves' e.g. the irresistable Crimson Neo Viper figure. What can I say, I love these 3.75" figures!!! They have an insane level of likeness to their real life counterparts.....and that's saying something for a mass market toy line. For the record, I got most of these figures on discounts (some were even 50% off from the original retail price and one was even USD3!) so yeah, am pretty happy I got them! :p

joes 03
Neo Vipers

4) Movie Ghostbusters (Mattel)

I knew I couldn't resist to get these Ghostbusters figure when I first heard about them from the previous SDCC. I had the original cartoon toys back in the 80s so naturally I was ecstatic when Mattel announced that they would be producing the action figures (and later for the cartoon series as well!) based on the 2 movies. Sure, matty-collector's website has tonnes of flaws but if you can look beyond that, these are worth every cent you paid for them. There are also the 12" versions of the guys but I've decided that I'd be only collecting the 6" figures. I've already got Egon and Ray thus far, with Winston well on his way to my doorstep soon. Peter's coming next April, so it'll be another good 4 months or so till we can get a complete lineup in our display shelves!

Egon Spengler_front package

3) Masters of The Universe (MOTU) Classics (Mattel)

Another line from matty-collector that got me all hyped up (apart from the Ghostbusters line). I remembered having a number of figures from the original 80's line but those did not survive the gruelling battles I re-enacted during my childhood. I loved the 1983-85 Filmation cartoon series and my wife is a huge fan of the ensuing 1986 She-ra: Princess of Power series, so naturally we got hooked into collecting this line albeit selectively. We've got only Teela in our hands thus far, with He-Man, Scareglow and Skeletor on their way soon to kickstart our collection. I can't wait for the rest of the characters to be released throughout 2010!

MOTU Classics: Teela

2) MMS DX01 Joker

One of the most anticipated, if not the most, 1/6 action figure for 2009, this one was special to me as I never had the 1st version Joker released way back in 2008. With the new eyeball PERS thingy, even those who already have BOTH the 1st and 2nd (Bank Robber) Joker preordered this! I've only wanted the purple-suit 'iconic-look' Joker and didn't give much hoot about the 'Police Joker'.......thus having sold it through eBay for half of the cost paid for the MMSDX01 boxset....a sweet deal if you ask me (considering that the Police Joker didn't come with a Truetype body!


1) PS3: Slim (SONY)

Ok, ok....I know, some of you might disagree with me. PS3 is not an action-figure per se......but it is a 'toy' by most definition IMHO! This definitely represents the 'ULTIMATE' favourite toy to cap off a wonderful year of acquisitions for both my wife and I. This wonderful machine is truly a must have as it does not only act as a game console, you'd be able to play blue-ray movies on it! Talk about multi-purpose and value for money!

Other notable mention:

Star Wars: Wedge Antilles' X-Wing

This one didn't make it into my Top 10 but it came close at no 11 (or 12). I lost my earlier Dagobah X-Wing which I bought through eBay some months ago (never reached me in Malaysia) and I was adamant in getting one the moment Hasbro releases it. I can't really think of any Star Wars fan who does not want an X-Wing in their collection!!! Along with the Millenium Falcon and the Republic Gunship, this is undoubtedly my favourite Star Wars aircraft ever.

haul 070909_Wedge Antilles X-wing!

Hot Toys' Wolverine

The ONLY reason this did not make it into my Top 10 was because I agonisingly missed to pick my preordered unit from my toy-pusher in time yesterday. He had some limited 1st batch available in limited quantities (yes, he even got it first before the 'official' Malaysian Hot Toys distributor received theirs) but those were quickly snapped up a mere couple of hours before I arrived to pick mine up. I'm scheduled to get mine during the 1st week of January '10 but I think I'd squeeze it here in the 'notable mention' section as a homage to 'what-could-have-been-mine-in-2009'. LOL!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

January MOTU figures from Matty collector......Adora, Battle-Armour He-Man & Beastman!!!

This is it MOTU Classics fans, the official pictures of the next wave of figures coming out on January 15th '10. Read the news as it originally appeared in matty's page here. Nothing much for me to rant here 'cept that I can't wait to get me' grubby paws on these figures! Godspeed!

Princess Adora

Battle-Armour He-man


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sideshow's 12" Emperor Palpatine priority pre-order!!!

Sideshow Collectible's gonna open up the Priority Pre-Order for the upcoming 12" Emperor Palpatine this Friday (Dec 18). Having sworn to slow down on my Star Wars purchases (and to halt further contributions to Uncle George's retirement coffers), this proves to be a daunting task indeed, especially after looking at these official product pictures.

My only qualm is that we'd only get the 'angry-faced' Palpatine if we opt to purchase the "Exclusive" version, which as we all know would be priced skyhigh over here in Asia. So there goes my hope of getting a 'constipated-look' Palpatine!

One thing good is that he doesn't look like a 'melon-head' to which Sideshow figures seemed to be suffering from lately. Recent casualties of this 'melonhead-type' disease includes Sideshow's Lando Calrissian and German-Indy.

*Sigh*, I guess the regular version will do....I'm so eager to pose him next to my ROTJ Luke and the recently-released Vader figure! That's not all. Concurrently, Sideshow's gonna release the throne to which Palpatine sat in during the final scene in ROTJ. It's not gonna come cheap (as we expected based on Grand Admiral Thrawn's throne!) at a whopping USD140! You'll never know...someone out there might be crazy enough to be tempted picking this one up...yours truly included!! LOL!

Pictures as they appear in Sideshow's page here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hot Toys Wolverine released in Hong Kong! See these pictures!!!!

Check this out...Hot Toys has released their Wolverine figure yesterday (09/12/09) in Hong Kong!!! It'll be another good 2-3 weeks or so before I'll see this on Malaysian shores. These pictures are taken from the toy-world forum (Hong Kong). Man, this is impressive! We can see that the muscled body is not rubberised, hence eliminates all worries of it being cracked under extreme weather etc.! It looks amazing. HT should have came up with this muscular design for their Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Dutch Schaeffer. I bet many collectors stayed away from puchasing those in fear of the rubberised 'body' being ravaged by the weather. Wolverine, on the other hand....WOW! I hope HT makes this is mass quantities i.e. Truetype bodies so that we can custom more figures using them. My immediate thought is to custom a few USMC from the Vietnam War era......time to get me some flak vests!

Anyway, I bet most of us would've noticed that the Jackman likeness is not really there. But one can't complain as this 'generic' looking Wolverine is already superior than that of its predecessors. Can't wait for January for ol' Wolvie!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

World Cup 2010 draw.....what are your thoughts?

On Saturday (Dec 5), the fate of the teams playing in next year's tourney in South Africa were sealed. There weren't any so-called 'group of death' in my opinion. Many teams would be happy with the draw, especially England. Having said that, I was never really an England fan....I just like to watch them play (and then horrendously run out of stamina and creativity towards the end! LOL). I feel that many heavyweight teams will find it relatively easier to stroll through the second round, though not many would want to claim bragging rights of 'sure-fire' winning their respective groups.

I was a supporter of France since the days of ol' Zinedine, but lately their lacksture of creativity, desire to win and their 'unique way' of qualifying dampens my support towards them. As unique as it was, handball rules cannot be confused with that of football. LOL! Mr. Henry's blatant handball even attracted many negative comments from the French people. I feel sorry for the Irish. Although I would really have loved to see both Ireland and France through.

So here they are, as if you haven't seen them already.....hahha! Here's to a wonderful tournament next year.

Group A
South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

Group B
Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece

Group C
England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

Group D
Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia

Group E
Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark

Group F
Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia

Group G
Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal

Group H
Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland

What are your thoughts on the draw? Lemme know of your favourite teams.....or are there any teams that did not deserve to qualify in the first place (leave France alone people!!! LOL!!!!)....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sneak Peek: He-Man's Battle-Cat v.2010 from matty-collector!!!!

Here it is...it's finally official!!! Matty Collector (that's Mattel's online collector toy store for those in the dark) has finally revealed the preview pictures for the long-awaited fan favourite fighting tiger of Eternia...Battle-Cat!!!! Man, am I psyched or what??!! I never had Battle-Cat in the 80's (despite having many versions of He-Man), so I'm definitely so-gonna-wait for this!!! Woohooo....read on the excerpts below (taken from matty's page):

"Battle Cat® is the first beast figure in the MOTU line. This fully-articulated, incredibly detailed figure has been crafted so He-Man® fits in the saddle (as will most other MOTU characters) so he can securely ride his iconic green feline into battle! He comes with removable armor and helmet, his saddle holds the Sword of Power, and it's all packed safely in a window box package.

This cool kitty goes on sale Monday, February 15th."

For the record, I too share the same sentiment with most of the Masters of The Universe (MOTU) fans out there when they say that the figures are a bit overpriced for a 6" scale versions. While this is so true, I don't think I'll feel the pinch that much since I don't plan to collect every single figure from the MOTU line anyway, just the core ones...*shucks*...would be nice if I can afford to though!!! Some collectors buy 2 each of these monthly MOTU releases (sometimes 2 figures are released in a month!), so you can imagine the kind of damage their wallets have to sustain every month.

And don't even get me started on the pain we have to go through when dealing with their rather 'helpful' customer service representatives.....it was an absolute pain for me to get my hands on the 'most powerful man in the universe'. In fact, now I feel bad that I couldn't help a fellow collector here who wanted one for himself. Getting one was already a daunting task....*sigh*.......

Nevertheless, I will have sleepless nights from now on waiting for Cringer...err, I mean Battle-Cat.....