Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Thor vs Little Vader!

Looks like that Little Darth Vader from that cute Volkswagen advertisement from some time back has finally met his match! And for those of you who've missed out from watching that one, here it is again for your geeky pleasure:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eaglemoss o' Eaglemoss!

DC Eaglemoss collection @ April 2011
Many months ago when us Malaysian collectors were delightfully presented with the chance to collect the excellent DC figurines from the Eaglemoss line, I said to myself that I'd probably collect the very first figurines just for the fun of it, since I'm actually really looking forward to collect Marvel Eaglemoss figurines. Then, I took an about turn and decided to collect those within the JLA. It was not long after that I decided to collect those Bat-related characters too albeit selectively. Truthfully, I've only missed several releases from the line thus far, notably the two 'oversized' figurines i.e. Doomsday and Kilowogg only because they were priced way higher than the normal Eaglemoss figurines (I'd rather spend the cash on other 'more-articulated' figures such as on my beloved MOTU Classics line!).

I've purposely missed figurine #9 from the DC Eaglemoss line, Ra's al-Ghul, simply because the image of a middle-aged male wearing a normal-lookin' office slacks coupled with a fancy-lookin' green mystical shirt didn't really interest me and was just *meh* in my opinion, no matter how significant he's proclaimed to be amongst the Dark Knight purists. Recently I've also decided to pass on #15, Captain Marvel aka Shazam, due to the fact that he's too cartoony-looking! Aren't these miniature statues supposed to be realistic? I mean, come on....if I'd wanted a cartoony looking figurine, I might as well buy a figure off the Justice League Unlimited line. But I might just buy him just for the sake of completing my extended JLA lineup.....we'll see if I have a change of heart in the next couple o' days....*heh*.

I need me some geek humour!

Bad headache today at work. As the title suggests, I need me some geeky/nerdy humour to snap me out of my trip to Dizzyland. These were taken off www.thatababy.com. Not sure whether the artist has other geeky cartoons lying around in his website....but these two comic strips made my day. Enjoy fellow geek blog readers!

star wars comic strip

he-man comic strip

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Star Wars: Death Troopers quick review!

Current Star Wars read: Death Troopers

Phooey! Been quite sometime since my last posting. Work has technically grasped me by the neck and I'm usually dead tired by the time I got home. Guess I have a lot of catching up to do from now on. Right, to deviate a bit from the usual toy reviews, today I just wanna talk about a Star Wars novel I've recently read. I've actually first blabbed about this novel way back in Sept '09. Since then I've been holding off from buying the book as the hardcover version costs a bomb and the paperback version was oddly priced at a premium (never knew why). So when I saw this going for about USD 5 (brand new at that!) it was a no-brainer purchase for me.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jedi Badminton game!

Yup, that's right.....they once play badminton in the depths of Coruscant and deep within the Jedi temples on Sunday afternoons just to kill time. Nahhh, just kidding....some dude apparently took the trouble to practice his Adobe 'After Effects' skills. Pretty neat result!

Friday, April 1, 2011

HW's Back To The Future DeLorean (nope, not the Mr Fusion ver.!)

"Back To The Future" DeLorean

Echoing the sentiment mentioned by fellow blogger Dan, I too wish to express my grouse of not being able to find this piece of movie collectible out in the open as easy as it should be. I mean come on...Hot Wheels being scalped?! Reason being is that them scalpers are always on the move and seem to have way better first hand heads-up on the whereabouts of the Hasbro/Mattel restocking personnel more than any of us 'honest/I-only-buy-for personal-consumption'  collectors. Thank God my wife had an acquaintance in our nearby TRU store, who alerted us that only 3 units of the BTTF DeLorean were stocked last Thursday morning. Naturally, when my wife came in the afternoon to make her purchase, there were only 1 left....some dude came and swiped the other 2 in a heartbeat (so the TRU guy claimed!).

"Back To The Future" DeLorean

What sickens me the most is that we'd probably see a bunch of these DeLoreans at flea markets all over town come Sunday......albeit hiked-up unreasonable prices. It's the same case as the previous Ecto-1, which I agree, it was one of the most hard to find mass-market toy ever. Visits to flea markets nowadays will reveal that the iconic white ambulance could fetch as high as USD12-15, way off from its original retail price (and it's not even the gosh darn SDCC exclusive version!).

"Back To The Future" Time Machine with the rest of HW's DeLoreans

Ah well, grouses aside....I'm just thankful my better half managed to secure one for me. I guess this one won't be leaving its packaging anytime soon....well, not at least I find another one to open that is! This baby's going straight into my son's ever-growing DeLorean collection. Man, that boy is sure nuts about them DMC cars and the 'Future trilogies....LOL.