Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Marvel Select Movie Avengers' Hulk...

Marvel Select Movie Avengers' Hulk

Uhmm yea....probably I'm a wee bit late in reviewing this figure. It has been sitting pretty in my display cabinet since I got him all those months ago but I never really had the time to do any photo shoot or a proper review on him. Which is quite a shame really.....this is by far one of the nicest Hulk figure ever produced in recent times (if you can get pass that 'scale' issue that is!). Marvel Select figures are known for their 7" scale as compared to your normal 'Legends or DCUC 6" standard scale. In fact, these MS figures are better off if compared to the likes of MOTU Classics or any DC Direct figures. But hey, this is THE HULK. He is huge after all and he might just make the cut.

Let's check him out...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Marvel Universe: She-Hulk....

Marvel Universe: She-Hulk

Ok, we've 'survived' the apocalypse AND X-Mas. That's that......LOL.

Up next is my take on the excellent Marvel Universe She-Hulk figure from Wave 19. Now, as you've probably heard me saying before, this one's been short-packed together with the Scarlet Witch figure which I've reviewed earlier. Seriously, after all this while, you'd thought that Hasbro would have learnt their lesson and produce more of the 'popular' characters and not let fans and collectors run around like fools to check whether their local TRUs and local retail stores in their neck of the woods have received the latest wave of Marvel Universe. Worst of it all, most of us fell prey to them darn scalpers. For the record I haven't even seen Cable, Professor X or Jubilee on the pegs anywhere yet in Malaysia. So what gives Hasbro? The same goes for Star Wars figures....bl**dy shortpacked! Frustrating time to be a collector in Malaysia...and I believe many more collectors around the globe feel the same too. There is simply no logic in it....when a toy company wants to make profit, they simply produce MORE of what the fans/collector demand.....and not the other way around. Ain't it? Don't need to be a freakin' economist to figure that one out!

Anyway, back to She-Hulk.......

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry X-Mas 2012!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho! ...it's already the 25th of Dec over here where I'm at....irregardless of what blogger.com's official date/time is right now. So there you go....Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 17, 2012

EMCE Toys' Zombies vs Zombie Hunters....'army-men' style!

EMCE Toys: Zombies vs Zombie Hunters

First found this earlier in the month and I've had many debates with my inner geek-self whether to grab it for myself or not since then. Sure, it was a wee bit expensive than your normal green army-men. One thing about classic green army men is that they're practically cheap and can be found almost anywhere but the sheer excitement of lining these tiny soldiers to re-create your most favourite battles of yesteryears is priceless! I had hours and hours of fun playing with my army men (at one point it was cowboys and Indians too!) with my childhood buddies and those will forever be etched in my memory bank as one of the most 'fun'-est toy ever created for boys growing up adoring war heroes and such. My buddy Adrian can vouch this for me I'm sure.

Now, combine THAT with this one popular pop-culture element....and you'd get.....ZOMBIE ARMY MEN! Being an ardent zombie fan (my 4-year old son is too ya know.....that little geek!) I was soon haunted by the fact that there's a good chance that I'd never see this again, you know, being an exclusive item and all. The fact that only ONE store carries them thus far here in Malaysia gave me enough horrors to finally cave in and buy the figure set. One can only imagine my heartbeat while I made my way back to that 'bookstore' where I first saw the figure set a couple of weeks ago.....*Oh God, let it still be there!*......LOL.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some stuff I found (and snagged) recently.....

el purchaso 8 Dec '12

There were some hits and misses earlier this month when I failed to score certain pop-culture items that I had been eyeing for some time (due to some unforeseen circumstances).  Managed to score some stuff (pictured above) to console myself. LOL. My wife even got me those cool 1:24 DeLoreans from the BTTF Trilogy at 20% off.....that's some deal! Have a pile of backlog stuff to snap pictures and talk about, sitting pretty and compounding in the Rebel Vault already. All THAT plus a whole smorgasbord of stuff still waiting to be picked up from my toy pushers. I do hope I have the time to review (at least some of) these some time soon.
On the other hand, I found this variant of the Spidey Movie figure (left) while having my 'on-the-go-lunch' yesterday. This one is supposedly very hard to find (or has it already been released?) in the States. The Amazing Spidey figures are exclusively distributed by Walmart in the States, making it relatively harder to find than most mass retail releases. I found out that the 2nd Wave (which is just a re-release of figures from the 1st Wave PLUS this unmasked Spidey) was actually released here in Malaysia way back in October '12.....funny, coz I didn't come across any on the pegs up till yesterday. Whatever it is, I'm glad I held off from buying the 'regular/masked' version (right). Now I'm contemplating whether to get that 6" Lizard figure to go with this one too.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012.....

The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

Over the weekend my wife and I decided to visit a clearance sale held by the #1 'discount' book store in Malaysia. Actually I'm not even sure if I can call them that. In a nutshell, The Big Bad Wolf is the company that sells books/magazines/comics/print medias at major discounts! I kid ya' not. Sometimes I scream when I found certain books that I've actually paid full price for being sold at Book Xcess (that's what their physical store is called) for >70-80% off the retail price and the best (sick) part of it all is that they are STILL being sold at most major bookstores at full-price. Lesson learnt.....best to check Book Xcess before buying any TPBs or hardcovers from now on...LOL! Anyway, let's get on with my thoughts on the event......

Mace Windu for Ep VII? HE**-to-the-YEAH!!!

mace windu

Ok, latest news on the 'net suggests that Sam L. Jackson himself mentioned that he wouldn't mind coming back for Episode VII (planned for a 2015 release by Disney/Lucasfilm) as Jedi Master Mace Windu whom he played in the Prequel Trilogy. Sam even said that he wouldn't mind coming back as a 'one-legged Jedi ghost' if that's what it takes to be back inside the Star Wars universe. Now that's dedication.

Of course such news will also be met with some disgruntled comments by certain quarters of the fan base (very rigid minded fans is what I'd like to call them), some with a very childish remark like below:

"Why don't we bring the whole list of deceased characters from the Prequels back into Episode VII while we're at it too??!"

Sheesh. I personally look forward for ol' Mace to come back. If there's any good from the Prequels, it would definitely include Mace Windu....and I can't wait to see what the writers have planned for Episode VII, especially if it involves this Jedi who created Vaapad, the Seventh form of lightsaber combat!

Come on Disney/Lucasfilm....I double dare ya' to bring this bad mofo back onto the big screen!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Petition to White House to build a Death Star?! For real?!

Death Star 1 & 11

This is truly a geek worthy news indeed.

Excerpts from FOXnews read:

"Citing a need for increased “space superiority” and job creation, over 13,000 people have signed an official petition on WhiteHouse.gov demanding that the United States government secure funds and resources and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016.
By focusing our defense resources into a space-superiority platform and weapon system such as a Death Star, the government can spur job creation in the fields of construction, engineering, space exploration, and more, and strengthen our national defense,” reads the petition. Those who sign here petition the United States government to secure funding and resources, and begin construction on a Death Star by 2016."

As of Monday (10th of December) morning, the real-life petition had received 13,302 signatures. The petition needs another 11,700 signatures for it to reach the 25,000 threshold necessary for the government to take it seriously. This means that the American people have until Dec 14 to turn this dream into reality.

So what are you guys waiting for? Here's a chance to see one of the most iconic pop-culture icon in the history of geek fandom being made for real!
Read here for the original article.
I've even ranted about the actual 'costs' necessary to build the giant space station before in my earlier posting in 2009.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Transformers: Protectobot Hot Spot....

Protectobot Hot Spot

Without any shadow of doubt most Transformers fans I know or heard about would definitely hail the Generation 1 series as THE most definitive TF run among them all. Who can forget sitting in front of the TV anticipating what the Autobots or the 'Cons are gonna do during each episode, week in and week out? Who can ever forget the sadness and anger felt among all of us young fans back then when Optimus was abruptly taken away from us during the '86 movie? And who can forget the disgruntled fans when they were forced to watch the subsequent seasons without ol' Prime leading the Autobots? Yea sure, Ultra Magnus was originally given the mandate to lead the good guys after Prime's demise (we all can remember what happened to him on the planet Junk now can we?) and later Hot Rod became Rodimus Prime bla bla bla....
Anyway, for me (and to some fans I'm sure) this was THE robot that closely resembled Optimus Prime, maybe perhaps due to his similar mouth-piece and his head design. So in a way, he was the 'unofficial' Autobot leader although technically he was just a leader to the Protectobots (more on that later). I was overjoyed when I first heard Hasbro was releasing him under the Generations banner!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cool geeky stuff found!

Zombies vs Zombie Hunters

Was just strolling through a well-known book store the other day with my son when I came across the toy section (way to go, a book store has a TOY section. Not complaining!). In fact, my 4-year old first noticed both of these items before I did. He absolutely loves both Star Wars and The Walking Dead so naturally he was ecstatic when he saw both the Zombies vs Zombie Hunters 'army men-style' figurine pack and the Death Star plushie below.
From my 'net search, that zombie pack is produced by a company called EMCE Toys, which also produces cool MEGO-like zombie-themed action figures. Not a bad idea eh? Zombie-themed action figures sounds good. Now if they can just produce 3.75" or 6" scale zombie figs....that would be just awesome.
Mighty, mighty tempted to pick up that zombie 'army' figurines......

Death Star plushie

Monday, December 3, 2012

Marvel Universe: Scarlet Witch.....

Marvel Universe: Scarlet Witch

Here is one of my most anticipated Marvel Universe release this year. In Malaysia, we collectors have to really fight off them scalpers to get these figures into our collection especially when these figures are shortpacked in a particular wave. The way I see it, it's either you beat the scalpers to it OR be prepared to pay exorbitant prices on eVilbay thereafter. To make things worse, Scarlet Witch here was packed together with She-Hulk, another heavy hitter from the same wave! Whatever it is, I gotta thank my lovely wife for snagging this figure for me when she found the new wave at TRU a couple of weeks ago.....there's no freakin' way I was willing to pay them sky-high prices on eVilbay for it!

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The Walking Dead.....the long wait till Feb '13!!!

TWD S03 Ep 8

No....no....nooooooo!!! The wait till February 10, 2013 for Episode 9 of Season 3 is just too much for some of us! Come on FOX.....can't you pull the date back up a bit earlier.....pretty please!!!!!
Episode 8 was just too intense, which is a good thing. The introduction of Tyrese, Merle's finally reunited with Daryl, Michonne got to exact her revenge on the Guv', Carl's showing his leadership qualities and all, Andrea's torn between her 'love' for the Guv' and her (somewhat) loyalty to her former comrades (look at her face when she first glanced upon Daryl!).....man, what a way  to build up the hype till next Feb!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Found! Angry Birds Star Wars 'Early Package'.....

Angry Birds Star Wars

Seems that I've raved about a lot of Angry Bird-related stuff lately. Stumbled across this during my TRU run the other day. This is a homage to the original Early Package produced by Kenner in the 70s, so suckers....errr, I mean FANS of the VOTC packaging will catch on and buy the entire SW-Angry Birds line.

My son had been wanting this since he first laid eyes on it too.....he's really into the Angry Birds: Star Wars game on the iPad! We'll see.....