Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Thor's in his NEW suit!!!!!

This is an image taken off Chris Hemsworth playin' the God of Thunder from the upcoming Thor movie. Looks like Marvel Studios decided to go with the new-suit Thor as opposed to the classic costumed version! Does it look a bit 'plasticky'? You tell....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MOTU Classics acquisitions for April! Oh yeah!!!

This month's MOTU Classics figures were among two of the most anticipated figure ever from the line. Evil-Lyn was the main highlight during the online frenzy of April 19th and on the other hand, Hordak was made available once again for those who missed out early last year.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sneak peek: Avengers #1.....ETA May 19th, 2010!

For those of you who follow the happenings of the comic world, you'd probably by now realised that a new Avengers comic series is due to be released next month on May 19th....well, at least those in the States would be able to pick #1 as soon as their comic stores open for business on the morning of the 19th. We Asians would definitely get it a wee bit later (I'd reckon a good 'ol one week later or so), but hey, better late than never I say!


Monday, April 26, 2010

More el purchaso for April......

"Can't stop till ya get enough!" Those were the immortal words of the irreplaceable pop icon, Michael Jackson. In my case, I found myself haulin' and haulin' for the past weeks. Honestly, I was having a rather tumultuous time lately, juggling work commitments and errr...other work commitments. But fret not, as we geeks do sometime always manage to find solace in the form of 'plastic therapy'.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeble el purchaso for mid-April '10....

Well whadya' know? April's almost over and I'm yet to get over my 'lazy-as-heck-to-blog' bug. Sometimes I do wonder whether I'd ever get into my nonsensical ranting mode again....*shucks!*

Aaaaanyway...here're some pop-culture items both my wife and I managed to somehow squeeze through into our monthly 'groceries' list during mid-April....isn't it nice to be geeks! 

God of War III

What can I say? My wife has been waiting since forever for part three of Kratos' 'godly mission' (pardon the pun....heheh) to kill Zeus and his merry band of Mount Olympus gods. This game was particularly sold out everywhere during its initial release in Malaysia some weeks ago. It was well worth the wait IMHO, as we managed to snag this one relatively lower than the retail price...courtesy of a discount given by our usual 'game' pusher!

Y: The Last Man Deluxe Edition Book 2

I'm kinda hooked to the series right now, so naturally this 2nd edition of the award winning series ended up in my graphic novel library (and at the point of typing this, the 3rd edition is already well on its way to me too! *geeky grin*). As I have graciously mentioned before, you'd be nuts if you haven't checked out this excellent graphic novel already......

Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentleman Vol 1 & 2

Alan Moore is by far one of the most interesting comic book/graphic novel writer on the planet right now (at par with the irreplaceable Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller). Believe me when I say that I was an idiot having believed that the 'movie' (VERY loosely based on Vol 1) was the exact translation of Alan Moore's work. These graphic novels rock people!!! Hands down....definitely miles better than the movie!!!  

Secret Invasion TPB graphic novel

The storyline's been over for several years now. Since the Secret Invasion saga, Marvel universe had gone through the Dark Avengers/Dark Reign period.......followed immediately by the recently ended Siege storyline. I'm prepping myself up for the upcoming Bendis/Romita Jr. brand new Avengers series (#1 to be released sometime in May), hence it's very crucial for me to understand the aftermath of the Civil War storyline to which I have unfortunately missed back then when it was first published. 

Discounted stuffs from TRU's sale

I never was a Mighty Muggs collector, but ol' Ben here was on sale for about RM22 (that's bout USD6.5) and my son happens to have a great liking to these cute/mutated lightsaber-wielding characters. I bought the GI Joe: ROC Senior Officer pack (was just about USD7) solely to get Sgt Stone to complete my collection of the on-screen characters. Couldn't care less about 'whats-their-faces' characters that came with him.....LOL! They would make superb canon fodders should I ever make a diorama of these Joes/Cobras trying to kill each other!

DID's 1/6 Capt 'Millers'......

Yeah, you've guessed it....for some obvious 'copyright' issues, DID couldn't use the Captain John H. Miller name outright. Next best thing is to slightly change the name to....well, err..."Millers". I'm an absolute sucker for them WW2 1/6 action figures....and to finally have the ultimate version of Mr Hanks' character from the Saving Ryan's Private....I mean, Saving Private Ryan movie is a dream come true. He's currently out of his box and sitting pretty with the rest of my WW2 vets on me' display shelf. Review to be done on this great figure soon....

Well, that's pretty much it.....see ya real soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

And the next Spidey will be.....errrr....Logan Lerman??! Who-da-'ell-is-that?

First, us Marvel fans were treated to an almost 'Cap America's ridiculous choice of actor'-like news (when Sony Pictures announced their 'supposedly' final choice for the new 'reboot' Spiderman screen character). When I first heard the name, Logan Lerman, I immediately thought that the dude must've had the physique of that certain 'feral' X-Men character...but I was wrong. Seems that the guy acted in that Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief movie....nope, never watched it before either, so I won't be able to comment much on the choice made by Sony Pictures. I bet Disney had a hand in choosing the actor. IMHO, he looks like someone who's auditioning for a spot in a 'boy-band'....LOL!

"The next Pete Parker? I don't think so...."

Later, Sony Pictures gave their official statement saying that Logan-dude is not only out of the forefront candidates to take over from Tobey McGuire, he's out of the contender race altogether! Read more here

Thank God, Marvel! For the record, I don't any issue at all in retaining Tobey McGuire for the role....even if it means re-booting everything that has been made under Raimi's regime.

My 2 cents...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Pacific.....2-hour special debut on HBO...!!!

Just finished watching the 2-hour special on The Pacific over on HBO just now. I'm guessing the whole of South east Asia tuned in as well to catch the premier of the highly anticipated mini-series. One thing for sure, Singaporean viewers tuned in at exactly the same time as us Malaysians, thanks to Alex for confirming this. Well, they were actually 2 separate episodes shown back-to-back but hey, nobody's complaining! It was a perfect introduction to the new World War 2 mini-series by the Hanks/Spielberg team (who previously brought us the award-winning Band of Brothers mini-series in the early 2000s). Personally, I have been waiting for another WW2 mini-series worthy of sitting alongside the Band of Brothers series and I think my prayers have been answered! Watching the first 2 episodes alone tells me that there's more to come in the remaining 8 episodes.

The Pacific follows the exploits of the real-life stories of Corporal Eugene "Sledgehammer" Sledge, Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone and Private First Class Robert Leckie, as well as stories from their fellow Marines of the 1st Marine Division as they brave through the gruelling Pacific theater campaign during the early days of World War 2. The series feature well-known battles involving the 1st Marine Division, such as Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa, as well as Basilone's involvement in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

What got me all excited was that the first landing on the Guadalcanal shores took place mere 20 minutes into the first episode, a stark contrast if compared to the Band of Brothers mini-series (if I recall properly, we had to wait until the 3rd episode to finally see them 101st paratroopers make their jump into France on the early morning of D-Day). The other thing is, we were presented with the journey of Eugene Sledge as he fought his personal dilemma and health condition and decided to enlist himself in the Pacific towards the end of episode 2.  

Man, can't wait for episode 3 next week! It's been a thrilling ride so far...and I think more will be in store for us WW2 buffs in coming episodes! If you love Band of Brothers, you'll definitely get hooked to this one instantly.

For those who want to read/know more about the 1st Marine Division's story in the Pacific theater, head on to HBO's official webpage for the mini-series.