Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March sporadic posting #4: Month end acquisitions....

Wow! Only my 4th posting for the month (and whadya know...it's already the last day of March!). Either I was too lazy to post anything or it simply meant I was bogged down with work matters throughout the month. The truth is....a bit of both really. I'm not really into writing long rants these days....I prefer to let my pictures say it all. It's true what people say, a picture speaks a thousand word......or in this case, they speak a thousand 'geeky' word! These are my small catch since mid-March. Yup, was too lazy then to post anything on me' humble blog. So here it is collectively. I do hope I'd catch on the 'blogging bug' again soon.....till then, here are my modest acquisitions for the past 2 weeks:

MOTU Classics' Man-At-Arms & Battle Cat and Star Wars Legacy's Malakili (Rancor keeper) & AT-AT Driver
Man-At-Arms and Battle Cat, what else can I say....these are classics! I guess I'm lucky in the sense that I managed to get a hold on Battle Cat when so many collectors were left frustrated last February. Seriously, those who're familiar with matty's monthly hullabaloo will know what I'm yapping about here. I snagged Malakili since I'm kinda collecting the characters for the Jabba's palace scene in ROTJ. The AT-AT Driver....well, for obvious reasons, an AT-AT is manned by two of these guys....and the upcoming AT-AT (due sometime in August) only comes with one. 'Nuff said!

MOTU Classic's Stratos & Moss Man
Stratos was a re-issued character for March '10 and to me he's a must to complete the core characters in my MOTU Universe. Moss Man on the other hand, sold out within 4 minutes on mattycollector.com last March 15th.....and that itself is a testament to his popularity within the MOTU fanbase! I simply got him because he appeared in the 80's Filmation cartoon series. He's supposed to have a pine-scent type of smell, since his original toy in the 80s did. IMHO (and as of many other collectors worlwide) he smells like Vicks Vaporub! LOL!

Y: The Last Men Deluxe Edition Book 1
Yeah, yeah.....I'm kinda late into reading the excellent Vertigo comic book series. I finally got motivated to buy the first volume (of 5) after one of my collector buddy highly recommended it to me last week. For the record, the series ran from 2002-2008 and had been reproduced in trade paperback form via 10 separate compilation books.  I bought the hardcover version, so technically I only need to buy only 4 more to complete the whole storyline (it originally ran for 60 issues in its initial single monthly-comic form). Heck, there's even a movie planned for the comic series! I think that's gonna be released somewhere in 2011. At the time of writing this, I had finished reading Book 1....and I can tell you this: You'd be crazy not have read this already! 

Till next time....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What in blazes?! Chris Evans to play Cap?!!!

Yeah, yeah....I know it's just a matter of personal opinion. But I bet many devout Cap/Avengers' fans will concur when I say this....how the heck did The Human Torch get to play Steve Rogers? IMHO Marvel Studios didn't search hard enough for the perfect Steve Rogers. I mean, come on, Marvel did a good job of uncovering Chris Hemsworth, a relatively unknown Aussie actor to play the Norse God. So why can't they widen their search for more suitable candidates for Cap? No disrespect to Chris Evans....but this fan-boy doesn't think he's perfect for the role. Maybe it's due to reading too many Avengers-related titles over the years....*shucks*....I just can't picture Mr Evans in Cap's shoes!

'Nuff said.

Read the announcement here.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red Skull's gonna be played by.....'Hugo Weaving'!!!

According to the Hollywood Reporter's blogpage, Marvel Studios has decided to award the part of Red Skull for their upcoming Captain America movie to Hugo Weaving. I'm not a huge fan of the Matrix trilogy, but one thing I look forward to everytime I watch the movies was the character Agent Smith. Dare I say it, IMHO he's even much cooler than the main protagonist played by Keanu Reeves! The world of geeks shudders everytime he uttered "Mr An-der-sen....". Let's also not forget what's the man done for the LOTR trilogy and the uber-cool V for Vendetta! For the record, I've always thought he'd make a perfect Sinestro (Green Lantern's nemesis from the DC Universe).

The funny thing is, no actor has been finalised to fill in Cap's shoes as yet, but Marvel Studios was pretty adamant to get Hugo for Red Skull. Seems that the part was cut out for him ever since.

So, Mr Smith.....errr, Weaving......we salute you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Been pretty busy lately......

Wow....I can't believe that my last posting was way back in Feb 20th. Quite a long gap since I last posted anything.....2 weeks is a long time in anyone's books I reckon! Been tied with things lately. Apart from finding myself at an important juncture of my working career, I find myself being bombarded with all sorts of petty complications. Nevertheless, I managed to get my hands on some cool acquisitions (by my standards at least...LOL!) along the way. Some of these were acquired during late Feb '10, but like I said earlier, I simply didn't have enough time to rant/blog about them back then:

L to R: MOTU Classics' King Randor, Hasbro's ML Ronin & 2006 Star Wars Han Solo w/carbonite

I once mentioned that I wasn't too keen on getting King Randor but lately I realised that I'd soon would've kicked myself if Mattel produces Queen Marlena and Prince Adam next! I traded my extra Princess Adora to get 'his royal highness' with a collector buddy of mine who happened to have extras. Ronin, from Hasbro's twin pack Marvel Legend boxset (he was paired with Elektra) was a gift from another collector buddy of mine. He happened to have two of the same figure and was kind enough to offer me his extra. Finally, to be honest, I couldn't care less about the Han Solo figure that I've bought....it's the carbonite block that I need to complete my Jabba's palace diorama! LOL! Anyway, I found this at a really dirt cheap price at one of the toy store in town (funny how he ended up being discounted when the same figure is highly sought after on eBay!).

That's about it for the time being.....till next time!