Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking back: 8" Treebeard from Toybiz...


Here's a random gem of an action figure I recently took out from my vault of yesteryear's toy collection. Okay, so watching The Hobbit not so long ago made me want to re-visit the LOTR collection that has been sitting pretty in several IKEA boxes in storage. I remembered like it was yesterday when these LOTR action figures were easily procured at almost every TRU in town in the early 2000s. Most of the LOTR stuff belongs to me missus. It's great to have such an equally geeky partner in life. That way, I could concentrate on collecting other stuff while she provides cover on the medieval/Tolkien-ish-related stuff!

Honestly, I do not understand why some collectors loathe these awesome figures. Perhaps Toybiz did 'overly' produce the articulations on some of those LOTR figures but overall I think they did a splendid job on the line. They were the 'crown jewel' of most 6" action figure collectors of the time and it still is for most of us.

Biggest regret: NOT picking up the 18" talking Treebeard. Guess I'll just have to hunt for that one on the secondary market if I want one to hold both Merry & Pippin on my display shelf. For the time being....this'll do.

Enjoy the pics.....just too darn lazy to do any reviews on the newer figures in my vault....heheh.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Terrax and Galactus.....


Was just having fun posing Terrax this morning when I realise I know nuts about the dude save for the mini write-ups that came with each of the BAF pieces in Wave 1. From those I learnt that he's Galactus' herald, has the same job-description as the Silver Surfer. I think I might've caught a glimpse of him from the early-90's Fantastic Four cartoon series. Whatever it is, the figure's starting to grow on me. Great solid sculpt and being chunky-bulky are the two essentials of a good figure to me. So go figure.

I whipped out my ML Galactus for a quick photoshoot. Darn I still haven't snagged a Marvel Universe Galactus yet. I need that behemoth to replace my 'junior' Galactus. Anyway, that's gonna have to wait till I find the time to hit the weekend flea market or eVilbay when I have some spare cash lying around. 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Can zombies live among us?!

Cool. I bet the make-up artists from AMC's The Walking Dead TV series have something to do with this. The prosthetics and make-up look way TOO good! Why can't we have these things in Malaysia instead of some cheap 'zombie-wannabes' pathetic make-up attempts.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Marvel Legends (2012) Wave 1...finally!

Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 1 & Terrax

Finally got around to complete my Marvel Legends (2012) Wave 1. Inevitably my wife and I had to assemble the Terrax BAF pieces. I mean, what's the point of getting the whole series of figures if you don't plan to assemble the pieces together and actually get that 'extra' figure. No offense dear MISB/MOC collectors, but I just don't see the point...hehe. Glad to finally see Hasbro coming to their senses and stocking ample stock at retail shelves. These are available everywhere now here in Malaysia. Sure, they're about a year or so LATE (hey, I did say ML "2012" rite?) but better late than never.


On the other hand, it's pretty funny to find that Wave 3 figures have been appearing everywhere too when only 4 out of 7 figures from Wave 2 have been found in retail. I'm kinda stoked that I didn't snag The Punisher when I saw him some weeks ago. Seems that he's quite a popular one next to the 'Pool here (which I found without much difficulty).Glad I found Deadpool, because the ML X-Force Wolvie, Archangel and possibly Psylocke (all in their silvery- greyish garb) are gonna be issued on single card real soon. All is well on the Marvel Legends front here in Malaysia. Keep it going strong Hasbro!

Now if I can just find the Punisher anywhere......(not gonna fall prey to them scal-pors on eVilbay!).

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hot Toys Ledger Joker 2.0 final pics.....

joker 2.0 final pic
joker 2.0 final pic 02
This'll make my version 1.0 look like a MEGO doll....LOL. The figure even has the 'hunch' Heath Ledger portrayed in the TDK film!

Be ready dear wallet.....be VERY ready. This and the rest of the 1/6 HT Avengers are coming....*gulp*.

(Picture courtesy of www.toyark.com)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Amazing SpiderMan (Movie Edition)...

The Amazing Spiderman (Andrew Garfield)

I actually had no interest in the 1st wave figures under the 6" Amazing Spiderman Movie Figure line. That wave had the normal/masked Movie Spidey, the Miles Morales Spidey and the Movie Lizard figures. But when I saw this figure late last year from wave 2 (basically the same lineup of figures PLUS this unmasked variant of Andrew Garfield's Spidey) I knew I had to get it. That headsculpt is mighty impressive for a mass market action figure....doncha' agree? To cap it all off, many reviews mentioned that the Marvel Select version had a worse headsculpt compared to this one. So, with that in mind and seeing how I'm such a sucka for 'unmasked' action figures, I snagged him off the shelf in an instant!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Year 2012 in Review

Coffee Bean fix

First and foremost.....Happy New Year to all loyal readers & followers of The Rebel Page. The Rebel Crew wishes all of you all the joy and happiness of the new year. May all of your geeky wish and wants come true in '13! I can't think of a more fitting way to start 2013 than a retrospective look back into the various hits and misses (on pop-culture and others) I had throughout 2012. 

Sit back, have a cuppa' and enjoy my 1st ranting for the new year.....

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