Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Star Wars spinoffs in the works!

That's right folks! I couldn't believe it either when I first read this over the 'net a while ago. Disney's CEO, Bob Iger told this piece of news to CNBC through an interview that their screenwriters are currently writing spinoff movies for certain Star Wars characters in addition to the three (3) sequels they have planned and announced some months ago.
Wow! Disney is really taking charge and expanding the franchise beyond the traditional main 'trilogy-only' formula. Great news indeed! Now here's our chance to learn more about previously screentime-deprived-yet-popular characters from the Star Wars universe.
Here's who I'd like to see the spinoff movies to be based on (in no particular order):
1) Boba Fett!!! - we all know how he LOOKS like, but what the heck happened between AOTC (Episode II) and ESB?
2) Yoda - come on.....we know NOTHING about his race or home planet. Nuff said.
3) Darth Maul - maybe they can expand on the storyline told through the Clone Wars cartoon
4) Han Solo - tell us more about his time as an Imperial cadet right up till he decided to switch allegiance to....errr....himself!
5) Jabba the Hutt - any backstory on a villain is downright cool.....anytime!
6) Darth Vader - tell us more about the 'purge of the Jedi' era!
So tell me, which SW characters would YOU like to see in a standalone Star Wars spinoff movie on his/her own?
Read about the announcement as it originally appeared on CNBC's page and watch the Bob Iger interview too while you're at it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

MEZCO 7" Hellboy comic action figures....

Abe Sapien

Looking back, when it comes to comic-book style action figures, I think none does/did it better than MEZCO Toyz. After successfully producing the superb 7" Hellboy 'movie' figure line to coincide with the 1st Hellboy movie way back in 2004, they proceeded to produce the Mike Mignola drawn version of the characters in 7" plastic form in 2005. If you must know why I absolutely hail these as the BEST comic-book-inspired action figures ever produced in the geek universe, just take a gander at the pictures here and tell me that these ain't how the characters look like in the pages of Mignola's comic books! They look like a direct transfer from Mignola's comic book pages.

Excellent sculpt, great articulations, faithful representation of Mignola's 'blocky' character designs and superb paint made the line 'legendary'.