Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Star Wars Fett Legacy figure boxset....

I think this was released sometime in late '08 or early '09.....not really sure of the exact release date. All I know is that I've been eyeing this set since I first saw them on rebelscum.com. But even till now, the standard price for one of these 'Evolution' pack is way too much IMHO. Nevertheless, I've really wanted this set since the articulation points on previous Jangos and Bobas were practically abysmal! So, when I saw this over at my local TRU the other day....half-priced at that....(at approx USD13)......I knew I had to get it before it disappears. As expected,  the Fett legacy set was the fastest to go as there were only 2 left when I was there....as opposed to the abundance of the other Evolution sets (e.g. both the rebel pilots sets & the Amidala set).

A brief bio on these guys...

Here they are, fresh out of the box....from left to right: Mandalore the Indomitable, Jango Fett & Boba Fett.

First up, Mandalore the Indomitable....a Mandalorian warlord who existed approximately 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin. I didn't know much about this guy here, but his excellent action figure prompted me to dig more on his history. You can read it here for more stuffs on him.

I was really hyped up in getting a super-articulated Jango Fett as the two that I have virtually has not much articulation points.

Finally, we have Boba Fett to complete the gang. Technically the last of the Mandalorians, Boba worked his way up the bounty hunters' guild and began making his name by becoming one of the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. Most importantly, he's supposed to look like Jango, mainly because he IS Jango. Well, to a certain extent that is. A perfect clone of Jango is more like it. Enough of the history lesson and let's get on with the figure. Right, while the last Boba I purchased was Hasbro's limited edition 300th figure (pictured below with Hasbro's 500th figure), that one has very limited poseability eventhough the packaging was superb to say the least:

So yeah, I'm ecstatic to get my grubby hands on this one as this is wayyyyy articulated!

A family portrait........

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot Toys' Female Truetype figures: TTF-11 & TTF-12....PG13 pictures ahead!!!!

I was on a casual trip to one of the shopping complex (shaped like a 'ancient Egyptian' structure) near my place the other day with my wife and kid when we decided to make a quick detour at one of the toy-store. Truth be told, I never planned to get any of these female truetypes despite having raved about them months ago. After conducting some close inspection and being given the extra push by my dearest toy-collaborator/wife, I decided to get both (eventhough I was only keen on getting just one for the heck of it!)

As expected, the blond 'caucasian' sold out much quicker than the 'tanned' cuban-american version everywhere. I guess I was lucky to have grabbed the last unit of the caucasian figure at the toy store. Below is how they look fresh out of their plastic prison:
My wife has the opinion that the cuban-american ver. resembled a certain Ms Jolie and that this one is better than the caucasian ver. because of the facial highlights i.e. better flesh tones & more natural looking...

The caucasian's facial detailings are not that bad too....'cept that some commented that she looked a bit 'pale' (pardon the pun) in comparison with her cuban-american twin.....Both have rubberised torso that runs up right till their neck, hiding their abdominal crunch articulation point. (That's a resounding "Yes" to you perverts, the 'skin' covers their womanly chests too! :p)

Ahh...look who decided to drop by.....it's the DX01 Joker!

The Clown prince of crime making a statement!

Well, I'm pretty sure that in time, one of these ladies will end up as a 'zombie-killer' or some sort.....till I find the time to properly kitbash them, I guess they'll have to spend most of their days back in their plastic prison! LOL!

Wolverine: Origins 12" from Hot Toys......

Too lazy this time to review or rave about this excellent 12" action figure from Hot Toys (come to think of it, when did I ever do a full review on any action figures? LOL...). Has HT ever produced a mediocre figure lately? Unthinkable.....and this awesome rendition of Hugh Jackman's screen personae is a great testament to that. Enjoy!

***Word of advice: Just keep those 'real-claws' away from infants and toddlers! They pose some danger....even to us grownups!

DX01: The Joker from Hot Toys.....some of my random shots!

I was virtually head over heels about receiving this figure, mainly because I never had the chance to own the 1st version released a couple of years ago. For the record, I was never really intrigued about having every single version of the Joker (as how he had appeared in the TDK movie)...with that notion steady in my head, I was determined to shelf the 'Police Joker' aside the moment I get my hands on the DX01 box. But something better came along my way....somebody actually offered me quite a sum of cash for the Police Joker (headsculpt plus all of the accesories only.....no nude Truetype body was included for the Police Joker by the way!) barely a day after I listed it for sale on my blog and on eBay. With the sale of the '5-second' character, I was able to recoup approximately half of what I've paid for the DX01 box....pretty good deal if you ask me!

They're many good reviews out there already been done on the DX01 figure(s). I reckon you can find those the moment you type in 'dx01 hot toys review' on any search engines on the net. What I have here is a just some random shots I took (mainly on the purple-suit Joker) when I first took them out from their packaging. Enjoy....gotta love the PERS (parallel eyes-rolling system!)....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random LOTR moment: Elrond's sheer cool-ness!

"I was there when the strength of men failed....I was there THREE THOUSAND YEARS ago!!!"......Man, remember those 'immortal words' from the Fellowship of the Ring (1st movie from the LOTR trilogy)? Elrond is way cool. Hugo Weaving did a splendid job playing the pointy-eared being from Middle earth. I absolutely loved the opening scene of the movie i.e. where they showed the last great battle of Middle earth, battle between orcs and men/elves, Isildur cutting Sauron's fingers off...etc.

The scene was elaborated during a flashback sequence by Elrond in Rivendell. He described that he remembered (an event which took place a good ol' three thousand years ago) clearly how Isildur (son of King Elendil) fell into the 'dark side' aka seduced by the 'one ring' (which he gathered from Sauron's ashes)...which resulted in him keeping the ring to which he's supposed to have thrown into the hot-molten lava of Mount Doom.

Elrond's cool because....(a) he does not suffer from memory lapse (seems to recall details from 3 millenium ago!); (b) he doesn't look a day over a thousand years; and (c) Hugo Weaving gave us 'Agent Smith' fans something to look forward to when watching the LOTR trilogy!

Elrond/Hugo Weaving......we salute you......schwing!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Star Wars stuffs announced in Toyfair UK....

Ok, first of all I'm not even aware that currently there's a toyfair taking place in the UK right now. I guess like most collector, I'm more hyped up to wait for the upcoming SDCC or any US toyfairs throughout 2010. Anyway, these images were taken off http://jedinews.co.uk/. I wish HASBRO had shown us the prototype for the upcoming AT-AT....*sigh*...but I guess these will do for the time being. All pictures credited to Jedinews.co.uk.

Boba Fett voice changer helmet...

Bespin cloud car...how interesting!

The new snowspeeder...I WANT!