Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Monday, June 15, 2015

I love Jurassic World!

Caught this one on the 1st day of release itself since my son was eager to catch his first ever cinematic 'Jurassic' experience. My wife and I told him how thrilling it was having watched the first 3 movies in the cinemas...something that every Jurassic-fan must experience at least once on their lifetime. So there we were on the opening day.

Now this movie takes me back to the good 'ol feeling of the 1st movie i.e. Jurassic Park in '93. It feels like a reboot (although it's not) because we finally get to see how a fully functional dinosaur theme park would be when opened to the public, something which John Hammond failed to realize all those years ago.

It's heartwarming to see a park full of visitors and that security is not compromised since there is no Dennis Nedry to bungle things up this time around ("Nah ahh ahhh, you didn't say the magic word!")....or so we thought.

Watching a movie from the 'Jurassic franchise will inevitably prompt you for one surety...that things are definitely gonna go wrong at some point of the movie.

Chris Pratt was awesome in his role and no matter how corny his 'alpha' male role was, I think it was a good plot altogether. Solid acting from the man who would most probably jump back straight into his Star Lord uniform for the filming of the second 'Guardians movie right after.

I love it that I finally got to see an aquatic dinosaur (although it's not my favourite plesiosaur!). The mosasaurus is one huge marine dino that'll make ol' Jaws cringe in terror (a great white shark is a mere snack for these mosas').

A hybrid dinosaur with the ability to trick humans? Sure, why not. But it's nice to see the T-Rex coming back on top of the dino kingdom after the Spinosaurus fiasco in movie #3.

In my opinion, the director could've really knocked the ball out of the park had he went ahead and gave cameos to both Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ian Malcolm (maybe riiiight at the end with their 'I-told-you-so' faces)...but that's just me.

I love this movie. A must watch for those craving for that good ol' popcorn fun of the first Dr Grant-led movie. And for the rest of you (I believe there would be first-timers too) just enjoy the sight of the dinos trampling/eating things all around. CGI is not half bad and the use of (although minimal) animatronics brings back that good old feeling of yesteryear's cinematic magic. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

RIP Christopher Lee....

RIP christopher lee

Thank you for everything sir!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Star Wars 6" Black Series....a mere myth?

Star Wars Black Series 6" June '15 haul....

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that most of the Star Wars collector out there, be it in the States or even here in Asia, that it's gosh darn hard to find these 6" Star Wars Black Series figures on our retail shelves. Oh let me just re-phrase that....it's really hard because here in Malaysia, they technically DO NOT EXIST at all at retail. Yup, you heard that right. Good ol' Hasbro Malaysia decided that we Malaysian collectors were better off getting these ourselves through other mediums since TRU and the likes are busy promoting other stuff on their shelves.

I initially refused to believe that Hasbro are not putting these at retail but upon closer inspection of the packagings, I simply could not find any stickers that specify Hasbro Malaysia's import details and such. Thus it confirms my suspicions on the sneaky distribution strategies that has befallen us collectors. With that in mind, the best logical alternative is to hound your local specialty toy stores to find these babies....but with every single collectors looking for them, your chances thin out almost immediately.

There were 6 of 'em in a set but I chose to sell off the Clone Trooper Captain (#13) since I'm trying to keep to my principal of sticking to the original trilogy characters (okay okay I do have a Darth Maul on my display shelf but that's just because I really wanna get the Episode 1 Obi Wan & Qui Gon to go with him....haha).

Whatever it is, I'm still pissed off for not snagging Bossk (#10) when I saw him on my local eBay the other day. I blinked for a moment and he was gone...snapped by some other lucky Star Wars Black Series collector.

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Combiner Wars' Motormaster!

Combiner Wars Motormaster

I'm still buzzing from the completion of my Combiner Wars (CW) Superion a couple of days ago. Inevitably my attention diverted towards securing the next 'central' figure for the next combiner 'bot i.e. Menasor! I previously bought Silverbolt first before the rest of his Aerialbots buddies. So naturally I had to hunt down Motormaster aka the 'middle body part' of Menasor first before getting any of his Stunticons team members into my collection. Motormaster is supposedly harder to find than Silverbolt (for some reasons I can't fathom) but as of yesterday I have been reading updates on the local TF fb page that he has been seen in some retail outlets, although in smaller quantities than Silverbolt. My better half got me one from a nearby retailer (the only one left on the pegs!) amongst a sea of Silverbolts. 

Combiner Wars Motormaster

He's a repaint of the recently released 'Prime from wave 1 of the CW series (I don't get the concept of making Prime as the 'central' figure of a combiner 'bot!). Usually I don't really fancy repaints but my insatiable urge to have Menasor to stand side by side with Superion quickly put that issue to rest. This Motormaster is however not the one we remembered from the 'Vector Sigma episodes. What I mean is that he doesn't exactly look like the one which appeared in the cartoon series. You see, the Decepticons hijacked a truck with a trailer attached to it but this version of  Motormaster is only a truck cab. Again I am not really complaining but just a mere grouse. It makes you wonder why Optimus Prime wasn't able to incorporate his trailer into his 'bot mode. Motormaster on the other hand....wait a minute, weren't his truck cab only his feet part? In terms of logical size comparison, this should mean that Prime only transforms to about the size of Motormaster's ankles! LOL. (whatever, scale matters not in the TF universe anyway as we all know). 

Combiner Wars Motormaster

Anyway, Motormaster deserves a blog post on his own as I think he is one of the most bad-a** Decepticons of them all. Sadly in toy form, most of these individual combiner 'bots will be displayed 'combined' by most collectors. Each and every of these Stunticons deserved to be displayed on their own (ok I don't have the whole team yet...but I've seen pictures damn it!) so it's shame that they won't get as much display time that they truly deserve. 

So here's till next time. Hopefully I can already get to assemble Menasor the next time I blog about Transformer toys!