Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random action figure shot of the day!

The Riddler

Took this out from my 'Bat-vault' yesterday as my son has been clamouring persistently for another villain to be posed next to his Arkham Batman figure! I don't have the 'modern' Riddler (and I don't think one exist either for the DC Direct 7" scale....right?) but my son's pretty happy on having this 'classic' 1st Appearance Riddler in his display area.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last haul for July...

end July haul

I was just mulling over the list of backlog reviews of the stuff that I've acquired lately and yet more stuff found its way into The Rebel's toy-vault last weekend:

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some NECA purchases....

NECA haul end July '13

Finally picked up the Aliens & Rambo NECA figures that I've yearned so much for the past couple of months! I'm still on the fence with the 7" Pacific Rim figures though. Anyway, watch out for the reviews of these items sometime soon.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Walking Dead: Michonne & Pet Zombies...

Michonne with Pet zombies

Right, we've come to the last set of figures from my recent (and only) The Walking Dead action-figure haul thus far this year. I felt that it's only fitting to end my series of review by talking about one of the most essential character, both in the comic pages and on-screen TV series. I'm talking about that certain katana-wielding Michonne who I will be reviewing together with her two pet zombies who were aptly named Pet Zombie 1 and Pet Zombie 2. For the record, these 3 figures were always high on my priority 'want list' and it actually came down to the fact that I think I'd be able to cope with the failure of finding Rick or Shane...but not Michonne and her pets! So let's find out if they are indeed worth the trouble....

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

X-Men: Days of Future Past teaser posters ROCK!

x-men days of future past teaser posters

Fresh from the heels of the recently concluded Comic Con, here are a couple of teaser posters of next year's X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, slated for a release in May '14. The movie itself is an adaptation of the classic 1981 X-Men story arc of the same name spanning over 2 single issues of the monthly Uncanny X-Men comic books. I know all this from memory as I remembered vividly reading the TPB sometime in the 90s.
In a nutshell, if memory serves me right, the plot of the comic dealt with the relaunch of the Sentinel programme as a result of the assasination of some Senator in order to restore order and to purge mutants. In a cruel twist of events, the Sentinels turned the table and ruled the US for themselves! And it involved some time travel to the year.....*ready for this??!!*.......2013. Many mutants were killed (or slain as per the iconic comic cover with Wolvie and Kitty Pryde in front of the 'slain/apprehended' poster) and it was left to the few remaining ones to prevent the events to have ever taken place by engaging in some time travel.......ok, you know what, just get the TPB and read it yourselves....you get the picture. Haha.

Anyway, back to the teaser posters above. I think it's a clever mash-up images of Fassbender/McKellen and McAvoy/Stewart resulting in even brilliant teaser posters that more or less hints (to those unfamiliar with the comic story arc) that there will be time travelling involved and we'd get to see both the 'young' and the 'old' versions of the characters in the movie. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Hope more images/teaser posters pop out after this.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Modest haul for July '13...

July '13 - modest haul....
A few feeble collectibles made their way into The Rebel's vault this weekend. These are probably gonna be my only haul for July as I patiently await to pick up a major haul towards the end of the month/early August.

Those 3 Hot Wheels belong to my wife....great score on the '89 Keaton Batmobile! I got my wish this weekend...I've always said that I've only wanted the Ceremonial Luke from the 3.75" Black Series wave 1...managed to find just that amongst a sea of unwanted Anakins and Padmes. Would be great if I can also get me hands on the 'Blaster-Blocking Vader' too (I have a mini 'shrine-like collection' of the Sith Lord you know....LOL!)...but that's not really my priority right now (where are those gosh-darn NECA Aliens' figures??!).

Now excuse me while I stand in the corner and contemplate whether I should get the 6" Black Series Wave 1....been resisting it but now that Hasbro has announced Slave Leia would be in Wave 2....*dammit*!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 - Comic Con Trailer!

For some weird reason, the link on FOX's official page cannot work for anyone outside of the US. I'd like to give a special shout out to youtube user HDDreew for uploading this for the benefit of everyone else in the world.....kudos bro!

Looks like Season 4 promises to be more brutal and bloodied! I just can't wait to see which main characters bite the dust next. Counting days to Oct 13 now.....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ya think Pacific Rim's Kaiju was da bomb?

godzilla teaser 02
SDCC gave us a second teaser poster to the upcoming 2014 Legendary Picture's Godzilla movie. Loving it! I'm still shaken from watching Pacific Rim the other day. As if watching giant mechas battling it out with kaiju wasn't enough, Legendary Picture is taking the kaiju genre into full gear with their NEXT monster movie! After Pacific Rim this year, the classic 'gojira' kaiju gets a make-over (hopefully better than the Roland Emmerich's '98 version) and a re-boot next year.
Both teaser posters are great. The 1st one (below) cleverly utilises building ruins to mimick how the monster 'could' look like without actually exposing anything. Good to see that the monster is staying true to its 'classic' Japanese look. The 2nd poster (above)...well....is simply mind-boggling! Take a look at the scale between the monster's tail and the tiny helicopters hovering around it.
godzilla teaser 01

A real DESPICABLE time indeed to pick up them minions!

When Despicable Me 2 premiered here in KL, Malaysia sometime during early July, McDonald's concurrently released their Happy Meal 'minion' toys in conjunction with the film's release. This was to go on for 4 consecutive weeks in a row until the 9 minions are all released. Initially, McDonald's allowed you to purchase the 'minions' on their own without purchasing any food items. As they were relatively cheap at RM3 (or USD1!), you got to see many unscrupulous people coming into the McDonald's outlets and buying a bus-load of the minions just to make a quick kill in the after-market. Week 1 was still ok as the 'minion' bug was just about to warm up. Come Week 2, almost every McDonald's outlets sold out their minions within a few hours from the moment they were made available. This had caused a major uproar among parents and casual Happy Meal toy collectors who flocked to the fast food joint later in the day just to find out that the minions were all sold out.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My brief thoughts on Pacific Rim...

Pacific Rim_poster

I finally caught Pacific Rim yesterday night with my better half and son. This is supposedly THE movie to watch this summer and to be honest I was rather curious to see whether it does live up to its much propagated hype. We went to watch the 2D version but you could also opt for the 3D format if that's more of your cup of tea.
Right, moving on to my quick thoughts on the movie.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nickelodeon TMNT figures...

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

As most of you would now know, we south-east Asian collectors only JUST recently got our TMNT fix (both classic and new) through our local TRUs. I've blabbed about them Classic TMNT figures last month. At that point I wasn't even sure whether I was gonna pick up the 'New' Turtle figures since I had proudly professed to be a strictly 'Classics' fan only. But then after reading through so many reviews on-line about the 'New' fab four, I suddenly realised that I've just got to have 'em in my collection! I'll tell you the reasons why if you have the time to go through my yapping today. But in a nut 'shell' (Get the pun? Shell? As in turtle shell? Hahah....*oh boy* it's gettin' lamer and lamer ain't it?), these newer versions of our beloved Turtles are somewhat better than the 'giant' Classics! The 'Classic' Turtles stand at about 6"-7"....a tad bit too tall if ya ask me....so that makes these new Turtles at a better height at 5" if they were to be displayed together with the rest of your 6" collection. Anyway before I go into too detail into those, let's start my review by looking into the 'packaging' style......

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot Toys teases Adam West & Burt Ward 1/6 figures and the '66 Batmobile!

Hot Toys 1966 Batman & Robin teaser

These pictures are currently making its round in the 'net right now. Hot Toys is gonna unveil both i.e. The Dynamic Duo and the Batmobile at SDCC next week. While we have a full glimpse of the Batmobile (pictures below) we are made to wait for a complete view of both Sixth Scale figures of West's Batman and Ward's Robin. So gonna pre-order Batman & Robin when they're up for order later but I'm still on the fence on the Batmobile (guess I'd just have to wait for HT to announce the price first). No price or release dates as of yet. The anticipation is unbearable! I'm so excited that Hot Toys finally took the plunge and produced these earlier than the 'Batman Returns' characters. Next week can't come soon enough!

66 batmobile-collage

Taken from Hot Toys' Facebook page:

"Great news for Batman fans! We are now proud to present the license of the hugely popular classic Batman 1966 Live-action TV Series! First bringing to fans is this finely crafted 1/6th scale Batmobile collectible from the Series which is proudly unveiled at San Diego Comic Con today! Fans, please visit the booth of Sideshow Collectibles (booth number: 1929) to have a close look at our one-of-its-kind Batmobile! More collectibles from this Series are coming soon! Stay tuned!"

Monday, July 8, 2013

My brief thoughts on Despicable Me: 2.....

Despicable Me minions

Caught this over the weekend with the family. My son loves them minions so much that he has now started to talk and giggle like them...hahah. I gotta admit, the movie was pretty darn good. Had a good laugh sitting through it. Well, it was partly because I knew that Steve Carell was the voice behind the main character, Gru. Let's face it...the man is funny. I loved him in The Office and many more of his movies. Anyway, back to Despicable' 2, I think the movie has a great sense of 'family' feeling to it. Gru has finally become that 'daddy' figure to to his three adopted daughters and even early on into the movie I had already sensed that a 'mommy' figure was about to enter the picture. Also heard from my buddies who have watched Monsters University (I haven't had the motivations to do so myself) that Despicable' 2 was a far better flick and is the clear winner over the two. I can't say much at this point of time....I gotta watch Monster U sometime soon to find out.

Others than that, it was all about them MINIONS! They were hilarious. I believe many of us went into the cinemas just to watch them yellow pill-shaped dudes rather than the main characters thelselves. Don't believe me? Just ask my son. In fact, he was over the moon when told that the minions are getting their own 'spin-off' movie soon! I strongly suggest watching this movie if you have the desire to have a good laugh.

Hot Toys 2013 Con Exclusives.....

I'm sure by now everybody's seen the list of 2013 Hot Toys' Convention Exclusives. I love the General Colton/Bruce Willis figure, it has a mean headsculpt and dare I say it....the BEST Bruce Willis head sculpt thus far! The Captain America figure however is just plain silly. I'm not gonna splash some serious dough to get Chris Evans/Cap in his pyjama-type uniform. Wasn't that supposed to be 'comical' in the film? Anyway, I'm sure some of you Captain America fans would wanna add that to your collection...to each his own eh? To me, the one I really want most is the Evil Superman from Superman III. Well, basically this is just the SAME Christopher Reeve Superman released by HT way back in '11 but with a tweaked head sculpt and a much darker tone of colors for the suit. Looks real cool and it reminds us of where the Man of Steel/Cavill Supes got its inspiration from.
I love the movie....cheesy or otherwise. My son loves it too. He thinks that Gus Gorman/Richard Pryor is one of the most funniest person on the planet next to Rowan Atkinson  =) .... The thing is, getting a Con Exc figure such as these will definitely cost you an arm or a leg. Unless you're able to be physically present during the events (SDCC is up next me thinks?), then be prepared to pay sky high prices to get these. Would really love to pose this one next to the 'regular' Reeve Supes in my Detolf shelf but I guess I still need my arms and legs! LOL.

The Walking Dead: Autopsy Zombie...

Autopsy Zombie

Today I'm gonna look at the Autopsy Zombie from McFarlane's Series 3 of 'The Walking Dead' (TWD) TV series action figure line. For the record, my wife thinks that it's repulsive to talk about dead stuff let alone taking pictures of all of the gory detail and such....LOL. But I think we're willing to make an exception to that rule since the whole lot of us (together with my wife and son) are hardcore fans of the AMC TV series. I've always wanted a horde of zombies (or 'walkers' to Kirkman's TWD fans) to go againts them human survivors. I've really wanted the Zombie Biter from Series 1 but as I've mentioned in my previous TWD reviews, these figures are hard to come by. So when I  had the chance to get all of the Series 3 figures, I jumped on it since Series 3 would give me a total of 3 walkers! So let's go very briefly into the Autopsy Zombie....

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Walking Dead: Merle Dixon...

Merle Dixon

Continuing where I left off with Rick & Shane, today I'm gonna look into one of the 'TV-specific' character created specially for the TV series. By saying this I meant that he does not appear in Rob Kirkman's comic pages but has actually turned into one of the fans' favourite in recent times, especially in light of Season 3's finale. I'm talking about Merle Dixon, brother of Daryl and one-time loyal right-hand man of The Governor. Merle was the anti-hero in AMC's The Walking Dead TV series. While he started off as the irritating racist-bigot in Season 1, he quickly redeemed himself towards the end of Season 3, thus cementing himself into the hearts of many fans and haters alike. As I've mentioned before, getting these 'Dead figures wasn't easy, but I'm glad I was able to secure ol' Merle. The Guv's coming in Series 4 and I wouldn't want him to stand alone without Merle by his side.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes & Shane Walsh...

Rick Grimes & Shane Walsh_antique photo

I've got a bunch of McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead (TWD) action figures with me courtesy of a buddy of mine from Florida. I was thinking that since I'm all infatuated with AMC's 'Dead TV series that I'm gonna the reviews in batches so I can show you the different characters and just how good they were captured in action-figure form. I've encountered many comic 'purists' that simply refuses to watch AMC's take on the 'Dead, preferring to stick to Kirkman's pages. Reminds me a lot of the Tolkien's so-called book purists who refused to watch Peter Jackson's take on the 'Rings trilogy. Honestly, let's just enjoy them for what they are....comics or on-screen adaptations. Heck, if it makes you feel better, just take it that the comics/books and the film(s)/TV series are TWO different universe altogether with no relation to one another whatsoever....LOL.

Aaaaaannyway, let's take a look at the main protagonist and a character who made it all the way to the end of Season 2.

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