Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A 1981 DeLorean DMC-12! Great Scott....did I just buy a 'Hot Wheels'!!!

Maybe I had this coming, or maybe I didn't. But after re-watching the Back To The Future Trilogy (again) TWICE over the weekend, suddenly the 'usually-non-appealing' Hot Wheels section became so appealing because I remembered they came out with the 'normal' version of the famed DeLorean car used for time travelling throughout the films! For the record, I don't collect Hot Wheels.....more like NEVER. Well, perhaps I did have a few when I was small but I wasn't really into them miniature cars when I was a kid (too busy bashing up action-figures I guess....heheh). And then, while walking through a departmental store this afternoon, my wife found this.......

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This week's haul: Clone Wars action-figures!

This week, both the_ridz and I managed to sniff out the latest wave of Star Wars action figures from the Clone Wars series . Well, had it not been for my son (who insisted that we made a pitstop at a TRU this afternoon) we wouldn't have had the chance to see these on retail shelves at all.....them scalpers would've snapped these off the shelves upon first sight!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ghostbusters 3 is confirmed!

Thanks to Wicket Toys & Collectible for the heads up. I now know that Ghostbusters 3 has indeed been confirmed! Holy Gozer....how cool is that?! After years of speculating and playing the guessing game!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Retro lookin' Imperial TIE Fighter packaging!

VOTC '10: Classic TIE Fighter_front packaging

At one glance, one may mistakenly thought that the image above was taken off a picture album belonging to one lucky Star Wars fan way back in '83. This however is a brand new release from Hasbro under the "Kenner" tag to rekindle the nostalgic feelings amongst us Star Wars fans, especially those who were lucky enough to have had the original toy when it was first released all those years ago when ESB was being played in the cinemas.

Well, as some of you might already know, Hasbro's currently kinda pushing their 'Vintage packaging' Star Wars (VOTC) strategy into the vehicle department as well. So far we've got the Snowspeeder being released in the retro box together with the TIE Fighter. As for me, I'm itching to see how cool it will be when the AT-AT is finally released in its retro/vintage packaging!

VOTC '10: Classic TIE Fighter_packaging panels

This piece of retro goodness belongs to The Rebel Page's resident reviewer, the_ridz......so rest assured, a review on the superb packaging (AND the actual toy itself) will follow suit! Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thank you Sideshow Collectibles!

A letter from Sideshow Collectibles

Sorry if some of you are expecting a toy-related post. This ain't it.....well, indirectly that is. I've just received a letter from Sideshow Collectibles, all the way from Cali! Well, what could it be?

Sideshow Collectibles' commission for The Rebel Page!

Ahhh, the long awaited payment notification from Sideshow for my part in promoting their products through their affiliate programme. Somebody once told me that all those fancy link-banners serve no purpose on my blog....how wrong that is! It ain't much at 38 bucks, but technically not bad for a virtually 'no-effort' marketing scheme, and this is only a partial payment... =p....keep those payments coming Sideshow!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eaglemoss: DC Superhero lead figurines!

Yeah, yeah...I know it's probably old news to most of you. As I had mentioned before, initially these lead figurines had seen the light of day in early '09....back when we Malaysian collectors had to fork out almost USD15-16 bucks to get ONE of these....and mind you, it was only available at specialty toy stores, which made it rather 'exclusive' and sorta' hard to find.....sorta. Well, now these are available almost everywhere in town. Heck, I've even seen it being sold at a newspaper kiosk last week. The best part of it all...they're now just USD8 bucks each. But the issue remained the same with these lead figurines/statues.....you gotta find the best lookin' one or risk being stuck with one which has poorly applied paint!