Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recent geeky acquisitions....

acquisitions Jan '12

Behold (picture above)...my 2012 'maiden' geeky haul! To be honest, I only really bought that Webstor (MOTU Classics) figure. The rest were birthday prezzies from my dear wife and a couple of my buddies! As if those were not enough, my wife further surprised me with a handful of comics (picture below) when I least expected it.

Man, I'm one lucky geek!

Belated birthday prezzies from my dear wife!

Monday, January 23, 2012

MOTU Classics' Wind Raider!

Wind Raider

This next review is especially for you Masters of The Universe (MOTU) Classics fans! The rest of you casual toy fans are welcome to join in the fun too.....well, if the subject of review does indeed makes sense at all to you! I've got the first ever vehicle released by Matty Collector for its flagship MOTU Classics line....the Wind Raider! Honestly, I would've preferred if Matty had given us the Attak Trak or that sky sled thingy first but what the hey....at least the Wind Raider's a good sign that we'd get vehicles lined up for the line.....and that's good news indeed!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hot Toys Batman Returns teaser...me likey!!!

Hot Toys Batman Returns_teaser

Holy s**t!!! I knew there was a reason to wait and not grab the 1989 Bats figure! I'm pretty sure THIS Batman figure is gonna come with Michael Keaton's headsculpt! Please HT, give us a Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeifer) headsculpt too!!! Looks like I'm gonna have to skip lunch for the next 7-8 months to get all 3 of these 1/6th figures! HT's gonna do the 1/4th scale figures too....but *meh*...I'll pass!

From Hot Toys:

Batman Returns, another great superhero movie directed by Tim Burton! We are here proud to present this movie license to our fans!

The 1/6th and 1/4th scale Collectible Figures will be launched in late 2012. Please stay tuned!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot Toys' Keaton Bats preview pics!

Hot Toys 1/6th Batman (1989 ver.) teaser

Lookit' what them nice folks at HT has decided to give to youse collectors! A PVC transparency....thing.... for us to project the Bat-signal on our walls.....of course you gotta have a flashlight handy on your hands first! Not really necessary but a nice touch nevertheless. On the other hand, I can see why a number of fanboys are grumbling over this latest pic of the Bat...his belt is all wrong, it's not freakin' fluorescent yellow fer God's sake! The preview pictures released by HT back in Aug '11 had the right colour scheme......the belt is supposed to be 'gold' in colour! Come on Hot Toys.....are you purposely doing this? Do you even read what the fans are saying/commenting?

I was on the fence with this one (am gonna get the Jack Nicholson Joker for sure!!!).....but this latest 'error' is further swaying me away from bursting my wallet for it!

Hot Toys 1/6th Batman (1989 ver.) teaser

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hot Toys Mark I ver. 2.0....GET!!!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I 2.0_preview pictures

Now this is a no-brainer for most of us who'd missed the 1st release of the Mark I all those years ago. I purposely skipped that one because basically I wasn't too happy with the final Tony Stark headsculpt. It was pretty disappointing to say the least when I found out that they weren't gonna stick with the proto headsculpt. But this ver 2.0 is something else! Not only the armour looks a tad better.....Robert Downey Jr's likeness is well spot-on!

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I 2.0_preview pictures

The Rebel's verdict: GET!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burgers from a galaxy far, far away....

geek burger from Belgium....

Fancy a "Dark Vador" burger? How about a "Jedi" burger? Belgian fast-food chain "Quick" will be debuting these Sith/Jedi influenced burgers throughout France at the end of Jan '12, in conjunction with the release of The Phantom Menace 3D set to be premiered early Feb '12. I know....I know.....Dark Vador is CLEARLY a mis-spell from Darth Vader....but hey, maybe that's how they spell/pronounce it over at Belgium?

What's up with the 'charcoal-coloured' buns you may ask? They're most probably food colouring....according to reports. So, to those who're lucky enough to stumble across these, may the Force be with you....and do pray tell how those dark-coloured buns taste like!!!

Read the full news as it appeared in yahoo news.....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marvel Universe Comic Pack WITHOUT the comic! WTF?!

I was strolling along a TRU near our IKEA (*hint...hint*) the other day with my wife and son when we stumbled across this comic pack. I was excited to finally see the X-Men First Class comic pack arriving at retail shelves here in Malaysia. As I was 'marveling' the figures (pardon the pun) of Marvel Girl & Cyclops, my wife immediately pointed out the glaring anomaly on the comic pack itself (which I had completely failed to instantly recognised in the first place!). She went..."Where's the COMIC in this COMIC-PACK?". At first I though it was only a serious isolated error but upon checking the rest of the Marvel Girl/Cyclops comic pack (there were 5 in total over on the same peg), every single one had NO COMIC in it although the wording "Includes X-Men First Class #1" is apparently VERY evident at the top right corner of the card back.

Way to go Hasbro Malaysia......

Saturday, January 7, 2012

More money for Hot Toys later this year......*dammit!*

Hot Toys_Project Robocop 2012

These have been circulating in the 'net days ago. I'm sure many would have read that HT's gonna 're-do' their 1/6th Robocop figure and probably do Cain (the villain from the 2nd movie) too. All I can say is.....thank you Hot Toys! You guys are gonna be expecting my hard-earn money real soon!

On another note, I think the Red Skull figure's pretty wicked too. The thing is, if I ever decide to get this, I'm gonna be tempted to get Cap too....(ahh the agony!). Man, 2012 has proven to be a great year thus far in terms of 1/6th offering.....too many good ones already to choose from!

Red Skull_Hot Toys preview pictures

Red Skull_Hot Toys preview pictures

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review Part 1: Hot Toys DX-05 Indiana Jones....

Indiana Jones (DX05 Hot Toys)

As mentioned earlier (more like during last year's post on the Mark V!), The Rebel Page's own geek-reviewer the_ridz got himself this excellent 1/6th Hot Toys Raiders of The Lost Ark: Indiana Jones action-figure about the same time he snagged his Mark V figure. I was there during the unveiling process and managed to snap some photos while he succumbed to his inner geek and hummed the Indy theme song repeatedly throughout the whole session! Let's take a look shall we?

Monday, January 2, 2012

KRE-O-tastic Transformers!

Transformers KREO

Fancy these KRE-Os to grace your collection shelves? This has got to be the latest craze to hit town. It's appearing on retail shelves everywhere and I believe sales have been pretty good too since there were instances where I noticed that certain main characters were actually missing from the shelves. I happened to be at a particular retail store where they had just finished stacking up their new stock of KRE-Os. Just what the heck are these darn KRE-O toys anyway you might ask? Well, in a nutshell, these are 'LEGO-like' brick toys made by a Korean toy manufacturer albeit a fraction of the cost normally found on their LEGO counterpart.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Resolutions........wish-lists, of recent haul & whatnots!

The Rebel's 1/6th wish-list for 2012....

It's that time of the year again. This is when yours truly usually pledges to reduce certain 'over-addiction' towards a particular toy-line and foray into other plastic addictions for a change. You see, usually after a year of collecting, I'd probably realise that over the span of the past 12-months or so, my collection had skewed enormously (and subconciously) towards a certain type of toy-line. Well, 2011 had definitely been the year of MOTU Classics for me (though there were sporadic purchases of Star Wars, DC Directs and Transformers once in a while). Since Matty had given us most of the core characters already, it's safe to say that I'd be less investing into the MOTU Classics line this year me thinks. 

New Year Tease from HT.....Iron Man Mark I 2.0!!!

Iron Man - Mark 1 Teaser

Let me just start the new year by sharing this interesting piece of geeky news!

As expected, Hot Toys has finally given us their teaser picture of the upcoming 1/6th Iron man Mark 1 aka ver. 2.0. Many of us missed out on the Mark I when it first came out last time. I was a bit unconvinced with the Tony Stark headsculpt so I'm glad HT finally decided to present us with ver. 2.0. Excitingly, we've also come to know that the new figure's gonna come with some new features! Wonder what those would be? Can't wait for further news from HT soon on this piece of collectible.

On another note, have you guys stumbled across the 1/6th Red Skull teaser image from HT yet? If only HT could confirm that it will come with Hugo Weaving's headsculpt....then I'd be instantly sold!

Red Skull_Hot Toys teaser