Whatever's cool with me...

Whatever's cool with me...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The un-boxing of Jack Nicholson-Joker (Hot Toys DX-08)....

Hot Toys DX-08 Jack Nicholson Joker (Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie)

I can tell you now from the top of my head, the many 80s cartoon series/flicks that had influenced me to become the geek that I am now. Among the flicks that had captured my imaginations was the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie starring Michael Keaton as the protagonist lead character and the stellar Jack Nicholson as the convincing psychotic criminal mastermind, The Joker. Hot Toys had given us both 1/6 figures i.e. DX-08 (The Joker) and DX-09 (Batman) but I'd only pre-ordered The Joker because I was still on the fence (till now) about splashing heaps of cash for a DX figure that has no human headsculpt included with it ('half-faces' do not count y'all!). For the record, I still think that the Keaton resemblance is very good on the DX-09 figure albeit we'd only get to see his darkened eyes behind that Bat mask and the lower half of his face(s) but whether I'd go ahead and get the DX-09 is another question.

Anyway, let's get on with tonight's spotlight on the DX-08. As this is only an 'un-boxing' review, don't be disappointed to see less pictures of the actual Joker figure (you can see tonnes of those from the Hot Toys 'stock' photos people!). I'd snap more pictures soon when I have more time on my hand....as for now, let's have a quick gander on this excellent DX release!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeble el purchaso in May '12.....

el purchaso_end May '12

Some stuff my son, my wife and yours truly picked up during May......gotta admit, I'm truly mesmerized by those "Kawai" Avengers plush figures (those belong to the wife by the way!).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Hot Toys teaser/preview pics round up for May '12....

Hot Toys - 1/6 Movie Avengers Loki

Ok, we've seen some incredible teaser/preview pictures from Hot Toys lately during May '12. Undeniably the one that takes the 'ultimate' cake for me was the Movie Avengers Loki. What madness and sorcery did HT unleash on that one?! That looks exactly like the actor Tom Hiddleston....looks like they managed to shrink him down to 1/6 scale perfectly! And Loki's image complete with his horns/helmet and cosmic spear was just........*flabbergasted*.....

Hot Toys - 1/6 Movie Avengers Loki

More Hot Toys "Avengers" releases.......

Monday, May 14, 2012

Random find: Chewbacca with C3-PO....


My wife came across this gem of an action figure while we were out hunting for something else at one of the toy-specialty store a couple of month ago. It was on discount, and the fact that it has the "Offer" sticker pasted on it (since removed here in the picture above) accentuated the fact that the store owner was trying to get rid of it at a small fraction of what it used to have cost us way back during the initial release period.  What a shame, such a great piece of figure (despite whatever you may have at the back of your minds on the abysmal articulations!) being let go for peanuts.....ah well, their loss means my gain!

Avengers Mini Muggs.....Iron Man & Nick Fury!

Mini Muggs

Mini Muggs

Hot on the heels after watching The Avengers flick a couple of weeks ago with family & friends (yup, even my mom was there braving thru the almost-2-and-a-half hour film just to see what's the Avengers' fuss all about), my wife got herself these tiny incarnations of the Mighty Muggs (remember those?). I wasn't really into Mighty Muggs so when these "Mini" Muggs came out I didn't really pay much attention either. But once I have these in hand, I thought they looked kinda cool. A 'warped' kind of cool anyway. Their basically still your favourite Avengers albeit scaled down and mutated into some kind of stubby-lookin' superheroes.

She'd only picked up Iron Man & Nick Fury thus far. I'm not really sure whether she'd want to get the rest of the team.....but my 'source' said that she'd probably want to pick up Cap and Hulk sometime in the near future too. Nope, they're not coming out of their boxes.....they look cool already just hanging out inside their packagings and on top of our display cabinet!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Avengers @ the Shawarma place! =)

The Avengers @ the Shawarma's place

Ahh.....so THIS was the place Tony was telling everyone about! Great to see Thor munching down a shawarma....   =)

Question is.....I can't remember seeing this scene during the movie anywhere. Anyone has any clue?

The Hulk teaser from Hot Toys......NICE!

Hot Toys_avengers Hulk teaser pic_april 2012

Hot Toys previewed their 1/6 scale Hulk several days ago. Man look at the size of that thing! That Iron Man figure is dwarfed by that sheer mass of a figure....me likey! Now bring on the proto pictures Hot Toys!!!

The Amazing Spiderman's.....The Lizard teaser pic!

amazing spiderman_lizard teaser pic_april 2012

Guess most of you fanboys have seen this teaser pic from Marvel Studios. Here's The Lizard from the upcoming Amazing Spiderman movie slated for release next July. My thoughts? I think he's missing his 'snout' i.e. how he looked like in the comic pages, which makes him look more like that 'lizard-man' from that Star Trek classic episode (I think he's called Gorn or something).....LOL. Whatever it is, it's nice to see Dr Curt Connors finally making his screen appearance.